“Watch| Arsenal Dominates Chelsea 5-0, Secures Strong EPL Lead: Match Recap”


Arsenal vs Chelsea: All teams are vying for vital points as the English Premier League season draws to a close in order to move closer to the top of the standings. For Arsenal, being the team at number 1 in the EPL standings, it means trying to maintain that position to ensure they remain contenders for lifting the trophy.

Challenges for Chelsea

Chelsea had challenges prior to this match, and they will have more in store. It’s highly unlikely for them to win any trophies, but they can certainly aim to position themselves among the top four teams to secure a spot in the Champions Trophy for the next season. This is an external opportunity. The team led by Mauricio Pochettino has shown that it can be brilliant at times but also disastrous. Arsenal fans might be hoping for a day off for the Blues.

All Goals(watch)

Arteta’s strategy

Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, is searching for methods to make sure his squad does not lessen their chances of winning the league, as they did the previous year. A strong defense and fast-paced attack led by a lively and innovative midfielder, that’s what he would have ordered for that day. And what a day it turned out to be for him!

Arsenal’s early goal

Finally, when the match started, there was no surprise. Arsenal took advantage of the early opportunity and scored a goal within the first 5 minutes! They punished Chelsea’s defense, which was being too cautious in their ball-playing. Trossard scored when Rice was given plenty of space to reach the box without anyone stopping him on the left. When the challenge finally came, he changed direction, passing it to Trossard, who straightaway fired it into the goal. It seemed like Arsenal was going for their easiest goal yet. Chelsea was nowhere in the game, and for 16 minutes, the game continued like that, before they managed to make some good passes.

And it was surprising that Arsenal didn’t double their lead at least to take the match beyond Chelsea’s reach. However, after that, Chelsea not only managed to equalize but also had some better opportunities to take the lead. But all of it went in vain because there was no man in blue at the 6-yard box to tap the ball in. During the next counter-attack, Chelsea actually hit the goal post! It might have been late, but they were actually trying to make something of it.

Chelsea’s efforts

The exchange continued from start to finish, and both sides had excellent opportunities to score, but they failed. Chelsea was one of them. Madueke, the only man in blue who was working hard, initiated all of it, going past Thomas to reach Kukurela, who missed finding Fernandes by just inches from the post. Chelsea was fully committed to defense, but they were spectacular in the attack. And the situation remained the same until halftime.

Heavy second half

The second half started with Arsenal’s full flow, and Odegaard initiated the attack, but at the last moment, either the goalkeeper or the defense ended all their chances. But they quickly changed that.
Another goal came. In the 52nd minute, a short corner was played, and it reached Rice, but his shot from the bottom left deflected off the post to the right of the goal. It was his quick shot that finally defied Petrovik and went past the net!
Then, it seemed like Chelsea was completely out of it, because after a difficult few minutes, Arsenal scored their third goal, which put the final result beyond any doubt.

Havertz scores

This time, Havertz scored in the 57th minute with Odegaard’s help. His excellent run brought him to the edge of the box, and he easily lifted the ball over Petrovik! 3-0!
It was clear by now that the fight was over for Chelsea, and the Gunners were capitalizing on every opportunity with pace. And with that came another goal. 4-0!
Saka showcased his dribbling skills, passed to Havertz who turned and hit the ball from the right-hand post, ricocheting it in.
By now, it was evident that the Gunners were in no mood to show any mercy with their repeated combinations of Odegaard, Rice, Trossard, and Havertz.

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Victory for Arsenal

They kept attacking, making space for themselves, and once again scored! 5-0! This time it was White who found himself in front of a ball coming towards him and watched as the ball deflected into the goal from his shin! And it was only the 70th minute! It felt like Chelsea just wanted to leave the field. According to the match stats, Chelsea had only one shot on goal. Arsenal had 9. The humiliation was complete.

And it continued like this. The Gunners proved today that they have the capability to fight for lifting trophies. Today’s performance has caught the attention of Manchester City and Liverpool.

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