“Phil Foden’s Hat-Trick Spurs Manchester City’s Comeback: Brentford 1-3 Man City Match Review”

Manchester City

Phil Foden ensured that Manchester City capitalized on Liverpool’s slip-up at Arsenal, securing passage within two points of the leaders with his hat-trick inspiring a comeback win over Brentford 3-1.

The treble winner Manchester City left everyone stunned as just 21 minutes in, after Neil Maupay seized on Mark Fleckken’s long kick, and when they were striving for equality, they found Brentford’s goalkeeper prone, encouraging Foden to an easy finish before the break.

Foden’s Hat-trick

However, as both Arsenal and Liverpool – both having played more than Manchester City – began to hope for themselves, Brentford’s resistance faltered when Ethan Pinnock’s weak clearance allowed Foden to complete Kevin De Bruyne’s deep cross in the eighth minute of the second half.

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With his career’s second hat-trick, Foden completed his personal milestone, setting Manchester City on top of the table on goal difference with Erling Haaland’s brace sealing City’s fifth consecutive league victory and 20 minutes ahead of Brentford’s seventh loss to secure third place.

Player Ratings


Fleckken (7), Collins (6), Pinnock (6), Mee (7), Rørslev (7), Nørgaard (7), Jensen (5), Genelt (5), Rødgaard (7), Maupay (7), Tony (6). Subs: Lewis-Potter (5), Yarmolenko (6), Damsgaard (6), Ajer (6), Baptiste (N/A).

Manchester City

Ederson (6), Walker (7), Dias (7), Ake (6), Guardiola (7), Rodri (8), Silva (6), De Bruyne (8), Alvarez (7), Foden (10), Haaland (7). Subs: Dokku (7), Kovacic (N/A).

Man of the Match: Phil Foden.

Foden’s Impact on Brentford

Pre-match videos of Brentford playing all around the field reminded everyone of their role as the sole team to double over City in the 2022/23 Premier League season, still casting doubt on his role in the team.
While some gave him the chance to bag a hat-trick, Foden didn’t sit quietly. Before the kick-off, Maupay found himself ahead thanks to Fleckken’s long kick, putting Foden forward.

Manchester City’s defense hoped Toni would get a touch that would render the Frenchman offside, but it never happened. They probably envisioned an easy night against Fleckken too, as no team this season has had fewer shots on target than Brentford.
Yet, he found the Dutchman prone twice, denying Julian Alvarez a chance with two full-length stops, though his sprawling save with the right boot to thwart Erling Haaland’s attempt was a preference of the vast defensive contingent.

He made the interval strokes even harsher for Manchester City’s equalizer when Pinnock’s weak header fell to Foden, leaving the goalkeeper helpless to stop him from advancing into the penalty area.
For his second, he was less culpable, a free header he could only see briefly, but after a ghosting between two defenders, Foden was granted freedom in the penalty area for his hat-trick.

Brentford could have hoped to glean something from the game, but a pirouette by Toni and a Christian Nørgaard volley that Ruben Dias thwarted close did not deter the hosts from putting up a performance despite the full-time equalizer, as Foden’s charge with the ball in hand took Manchester City to the top with a convincing performance till the end, securing their hopes for the fourth consecutive title in their own hands.

Analysis: The Sky’s the Limit for Brilliant Foden

Phil Foden’s age stands at just 23 years old.” The way he glides through space – like for his second goal – and the way he bamboozles defenders – like for his third – there’s not much you can compare to with another player his age.

“Pep Guardiola’s statement holds significance:

Foden emerges as one of the most formidable talents in confined areas he has encountered, prompting the anticipation of him assuming a central role at some juncture due to this invaluable attribute. Presently, he’s thriving in this capacity, showcasing his blossoming talent.”

Haaland precision

“Haaland’s precision was evident in both goals, drawing defenders towards him each time and providing Foden with the space to work his magic.” Not everyone would expect that, and accordingly wouldn’t react, but he’s as smart as he is technically brilliant.
“Two questions linger.

Where does he fit in for England – because undoubtedly, he fits in somewhere – and how far can he go from here?
“When it comes to international fixtures, given the familiarity Manchester City has with him, there’s a strong possibility he’ll take up a left flank position, simultaneously serving as the key central midfielder in Gareth Southgate’s approach, especially with the focus on harnessing Bellingham’s skills.” ”

“In terms of his capabilities, perhaps the best course is to let his club manager and mentor take him through the channel. ‘His limitations, they’ll determine,’ he said when asked to ponder on the same idea.
“Observing the choices Foden has made in his relatively short career trajectory, it suggests there’s ample potential for further growth and development.”

Guardiola: We Were Lucky to Be on Par until Half Time

“It was a very tough game because they’re experienced, know what they’re doing, and defending against them is really tough. The way they link up with Toni is unbeatable. But in the first half, we had plenty of chances, and their goalkeeper was superb.
“I think we deserved to be level until half-time, but at the same time, we were lucky to be 1-1 at half-time.
“In the second half, we were much better.”

On Foden

“He’s someone who can play in various positions but prefers pocket play. Having players who can operate in those tight spots is truly significant.
“He’s someone who’s got a lot of tools in his locker. Since we’ve been together, he’s had his best season yet. His presence and assistance in this central position are remarkable.”

What’s Next?

Brentford visited Wolves in the Premier League at Molineux on Saturday, while Manchester City hosted Everton at the Etihad Stadium on the same day, with kick-off times at 3 p.m. and 12:30 p.m., respectively.”


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