MESSI: FIFA Men’s Best Player 2023 Robbed??? Take A Look.

Lionel Messi

Messi has won FIFA Men’s Best Player 2023. He scored in league 1 Nine goal six assists after world cup. Then he went to MLS, inter Miami and scored a number of goals and won a trophy. And after that he was in vacation and he is the best player 2023, how?? Lets take a look.


Haaland scored 53 goals, won treble, premier league, FA cup, champions league, highest scorer in the champion league. Mbappé has 52 goals. People are exploding on social media calling it robbery. But is it a robbery???

Voting Procedure:

Votes are given by coaches, captains, like Federico Valverde, Luka Modrić, iniesta, sunil chetri. In my opinion FIFA best player has more credibility than Ballon d’Or because in Ballon d’Or voting is done by journalists or other non football playing minds, basically it’s about fan base that’s why Ballon d’Or is surrounded by controversies, be it in case of Robert Lewandowski when messi got the ballandor, but Robert Lewandowski won the FIFA men’s best player award same year.

One more instance is about Franck Ribéry when cristiano got the award, but FIFA best player is credible because voting is done by football playing minds or competent people like coaches of teams, captains…the football fraternity, more competent than us fans who are blatantly clamming that it is rigged or robbed.

Why Messi??

When these footballing minds got names like Lionel, Mbappé, haaland, most captains voted for messi. Most coaches voted for haaland. But due to weightage category of votes, messi won it. But frankly you can’t call it a gimmick, the whole football fraternity is managing this event.

But baseline is that after, all it is voting!!! There is no way if messi is nominated and he does not win. There is no chance if he is nominated and some national coach votes for haaland over him. After all messi effect is a real thing!!! He has given a memorable era to world football he can easily influence decisions…it’s called having a fanbase. Be a normal guy, a football coach, a team captain. There is no doubt that even competent people kept messi over halland and mbappe because deep down they are also his fans.

Why it is called robbed?

Last year in 2022 who was the fifa best goalkeeper??? Emiliano Martínez.

Who was the best fifa coach?? Lionel Scaloni

And last year fifa mens best player 2022 of the year?? Lionel messi

But!! This time in 2023 best goalkeeper?? Enderson

This time 2023 best coach?? Pep guardiola

And this time FIFA best men’s player?? Leonel messi. In 2022 he won the world cup with his team and he had an incredible year that’s why his winning best men’s award is understandable.

But given the stats of haaland the question is bound to raise. Why Emiliano Martínez is not even in top three goalkeepers??? Why Scaloni is nowhere to be seen??? Surely because they did not do worth noticeable. Its weird for me people questioning FIFA’s credibility and now it seems FIFA has no genuine answer for its process of giving awards. The question is .. what should haaland do more to get what he deserved. He has scored 53 goals in premier league, probably the best football league in world. He scored highest goals in champions league, winning which is like being best club in the world.

Yes messi is the best but for now if we act impartial we know that haaland should have won this. It is noticeable that pep guardiola who won the best coach, his best man haaland with the best stats did not win the best men’s award. Wow!!

But everyone is blaming messi, why??? He did not do anything. He is a player who wants to play football and have a happy life with his family. He didn’t even attend the ceremony!!

Maybe FIFA is getting profit by giving messi this award, who knows???hahaah….and you go to FIFA’s website and you will find FIFA has given justification for messi’s win stating that “messi scored his 100th goal for argentina against Curaçao in a 7-0 victory”. Do FIF really needs this justification???

Number of famous players like Luka Modrić, Federico Valverde who are the players of Real Madrid have voted for messi. Now some are saying they did not vote for halland because Madrid lost to man city 4-0. But I don’t think this would be a reason, maybe they were not aware of the timeline about voting or maybe world cup is such a big event it creates a ripple effect that people are still voting for messi.

In my opinion these awards should not be the reasons of raising questions against great player like Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccitini.


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