“The Resurgence of Ronaldo: Why Kylian Mbappé Is Perfect for Real Madrid”

Real Madrid

Los Blancos don’t need another global superstar forward, but the French captain was always bound for Santiago Bernabéu. Real Madrid’s anticipation for Kylian Mbappé had stretched across a two-year span. . Tick after tock, tick, then tock. And then, on August 14, 2023, a seismic silence swept across the globe. It was so profound that even the Madrid cheerleaders halted their infamous reverse countdown. “A historic moment,” they said with a particular awe. “It’s all over!”

Free transfer to Real Madrid

Of course, it wasn’t. Not for a second did anyone think so – not even Mbappé’s employers at Parc des Princes. Alongside Paris Saint-Germain, everyone knew the speculations about their star player’s future would continue unabated, because Mbappé’s transfer to Madrid was merely postponed, not canceled.

And so, here we are again, Mbappé ready for a free transfer to Real Madrid. The big difference this time is that it really seems like the longest, most agonizing transfer saga in football history is finally coming to an end.

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Mbappé Unhappy – Again

When the World Cup winner penned a new deal in May 2022, PSG tried to portray it as if he had committed to the club until 2025 – but the final year was optional, and it’s been clear for a long time that he had no interest in seeing it through.
Things might have been different if Luis Enrique had succeeded in making a bigger, more positive impact in Paris, but while PSG tops Ligue 1 (naturally) and sits in the Champions League’s last 16, they’re not playing particularly well.

Mbappé has been typically prolific, scoring 29 times in 28 appearances in all competitions, but he doesn’t seem happy. Surely, one could argue that he might never be – at least not while playing for PSG.

The ‘Dilemma’ Persists

His situation is the primary concern. Luis Enrique says Mbappé has the “freedom” to play anywhere he likes, but when it comes to leading the line, the 25-year-old still feels restricted – a fact not lost, let’s not forget, on his infamous “pivot gang” post aimed at former boss Christophe Galtier.
According to the Spanish press, Mbappé’s relationship with his current coach has soured for this reason. “He doesn’t want to play as a center-forward, doesn’t like being called ‘nine,’ and wants to play as number 11, which is the position where he’s played most in his career.

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Is Mbappé Really Worth It?

Will there be any less drama and debate over Mbappé’s role in Real Madrid? Absolutely not. Indeed, the media frenzy has already begun, with some recent reports claiming that Real Madrid might even consider selling Vinícius Júnior to make room for Mbappé, both on the pitch and in the wage bill.

There’s also talk that Real Madrid is trying to persuade the Parisian to lower his financial demands – but regardless of what happens next in this inevitably convoluted saga, Mbappé will have to pay Florentino Pérez a hefty cash sum. Alongside a massive salary, there will also be a hefty signing-on fee.
Mbappé is undoubtedly one of the world’s best players and should be compensated accordingly – but it’s fair to ask if he’s worth such historic expenditure, at least from a sporting perspective?

Go for Osimhen or Wait for Haaland?

Ultimately, Real Madrid already has a world-class left-winger, so wouldn’t signing a striker like Victor Osimhen be a better option for Pérez? It will undoubtedly ease some of the pressure off the Brazilian teenager Rodrygo, who will arrive at Bernabéu in this summer’s heat and deserves enough time to settle into his new surroundings.

There’s also no shortage of rumors suggesting that Erling Haaland isn’t exactly “happy” at Manchester City anymore. Real Madrid would be advised to wait and see whether the Norwegian number 9 reignites his interest in moving to the Spanish capital.
Certainly, Vinícius and Mbappé can coexist; they both can switch flanks. Mbappé has had no trouble abandoning his preferred left-wing role for Neymar at PSG (at least initially). But whether he’d be equally amenable to doing so at Madrid remains uncertain.

Ancelotti Can Make It Work

Still, Pérez might feel – with some degree of justification – that he’s chosen the right coach to solve all these sporting dilemmas. Carlo Ancelotti has succeeded at so many big clubs because he’s a master at managing egos in a dressing room filled with massive personalities.

Keeping two superstars happy is a rare gift. Nobody does it better, and Pérez knows it, which is why he reportedly dropped his pursuit of Brazilians and extended Ancelotti’s contract until 2026 at the beginning of this season.

Real Madrid’s New Ronaldo

So, you can forget about formations and systems for now – they’re not the driving force behind this transfer. Signing Mbappé is more than a strategy or a trophy, it’s about swagger and a sense of entitlement. It’s pure Madridismo, a self-indulgent display of greatness, another Galáctico that will astound creatures of the earth worldwide.

From David Beckham to Gareth Bale, Pérez has always said that some players are “born to play for Real Madrid” – and that’s always been the perception about Mbappé. There’s a confidence about him, a lack of affectation. He’s already scored more goals than any other player in history who had a good cry in a World Cup final – and he’s only 25.

He’s, inevitably, Cristiano Ronaldo’s second coming, another ambitious, arrogant, and fearsome striker ready to set records that will never be broken and generate continuous on and off-field drama.
Truly, how long until Mbappé throws Real Madrid media into a frenzy by declaring he’s “unhappy” – or simply playing the ‘pivot gang’ card again? But Pérez knows all this, and he won’t care. Nor will his supporters in the end.

Both Madrid and Mbappé believe they are the best in the world, and they might just be right. It’s precisely why they were always meant to be together. The clock has never stopped ticking…


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