Ronaldo vs Messi!! The last dance?? Riyadh season cup 2024


Ronaldo and Messi, the two goats will this in Riyadh season cup probably the last time. it will be Al-Nasar vs Inter Miami.

The last dance

When it’s Messi vs Ronaldo, whole footballing world stops for about 90 minutes. Yes!! Football has champions league, Europa league, Copa del Rey, euro cup, Copa América and so on. But who made these titles larger than life?? Of course it’s Messi and Ronaldo. Many football fans know this game by because of these two and I am one of them.

And this rivalry has once again has started a new chapter in Riyadh season cup, where these two will probably play last time together in kingdom arena. It will be al Nasar vs inter Miami, but everyone knows that it will be about Ronaldo vs Messi.

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Ronaldo’s current Form

Ronaldo has scored 54 goals in the year 2023 while playing for al Nasar and Portugal national team. He has adapted his new role of fox in the box where he waits for perfect opportunity and scores. In this way his team has won 26 games out of 27 losing one to Al-Hilal. Recently he got an injury during china tour due to which Ronaldo’s china tour got cancelled. Let’s hope he is fully fit for next match where he will face his arch rival Messi.

Messi’s current form

When we talk about Messi’s ability, we talk more about his dribbling skills by which he has given us many magical moments.

In the last match against Al-Hihal, he showed some glimpses of those skillset. But that was not enough, yes he scored a goal but his team lost. He has won a trophy for his team in MLS which was a big jump for his team inter Miami.

But his recent form as a goal scorer in not up to the mark. His team entered in this Riyadh season cup with a bad form but they gave decent competition to Al-ihal. Let’s see if they can bring that heat in their next match against Al-Nasar.

The Sunset of Icons: Messi and Ronaldo on the Horizon of Retirement

For over a decade, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have cast towering shadows over the footballing world. Their names have become synonymous with outrageous skill, record-breaking achievements, and an insatiable hunger for victory. But every epic saga eventually nears its end, and as the whispers of retirement grow louder, the question on everyone’s mind is: what’s next for these footballing titans?

Best Goals Ever (Watch video )

Messi, the diminutive maestro, has woven magic with his left foot like no other. His dribbling dances past defenders, his passes thread impossible needles, and his goals paint masterpieces on the canvas of the pitch. Even at 36, he continued to defy age, orchestrating PSG’s attack with the brilliance of a seasoned conductor. 

Ronaldo, the epitome of athleticism and unwavering determination, has rewritten the rulebook of longevity. At 38, his aerial prowess, thunderous volleys, and relentless work ethic remain a force to be reckoned with. His recent move to Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia may have raised eyebrows, but it also serves as a reminder of his insatiable appetite for new challenges.

Yet, the inevitable tide of time cannot be held back. Both Messi and Ronaldo have entered the twilight zone of their careers. Gone are the days of relentless sprints and week-in, week-out heroics. Glimpses of vulnerability are starting to show, the occasional missed pass, the slight dip in pace. But to focus solely on these is to miss the bigger picture. For their brilliance has transcended mere goals and trophies. They’ve pushed the boundaries of the sport, inspired generations of young players, and redefined what it means to be a true footballer.

So, what does the future hold for these icons? While rumors of retirement swirl, both Messi and Ronaldo have hinted at continuing their careers beyond the pitch. Coaching, club ownership, and even ventures into the world of business and philanthropy seem like natural next steps. Their influence and experience within the game are invaluable, and it’s hard to imagine them completely disengaging from the sport that has given them so much.

Of course, a part of us wants them to play forever. To witness their magic one last time, to hear the stadium erupt with their names. But the beauty of their story lies not just in the trophies won, but in the journey they’ve taken us on. We’ve seen them rise from young prodigies to seasoned veterans, evolving their game, overcoming setbacks, and always, always striving for greatness.

When the curtain finally falls on their playing careers, the void they leave will be immense. But their legacy will endure. They have not just been players; they have been cultural icons, ambassadors of the beautiful game, and inspirations to millions. As the sun sets on the Messi-Ronaldo era, we should celebrate their extraordinary journey, cherish the memories they’ve gifted us, and await with anticipation the new chapters they will write in the world beyond the pitch.

Whether it’s on a coaching sideline, in a boardroom, or simply enjoying a well-deserved retirement, Messi and Ronaldo will continue to inspire. Their story is far from over, and even as the stage changes, their brilliance will undoubtedly find new ways to shine.


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