“Bigg Boss 17 Runner-Up: Abhishek Kumar’s Remarkable Journey in Salman Khan’s Show”

Abhishek Kumar

Big Boss 17: After securing a spot in the top 2 alongside Munawar Faruqui, Abhishek Kumar bid farewell to the reality show hosted by Salman Khan.

Abhishek Kumar’s journey

When the spirited actor Abhishek Kumar entered Big Boss 17, the burden of the past started haunting him. His ex-girlfriend Isha Malviya also joined on the premiere stage, leading to some fireworks. Within a few hours of the new season, heated arguments ensued. Initially, Abhishek seemed quite flashy, but soon he emerged as the hero.

Abhishek Kumar’s journey has been emotionally draining, not just physically challenging. He was accused, kicked out by other competitors, and dealt with mental health issues on several occasions. 

There were moments when Abhishek broke down, but he bounced back stronger. In spite of all the odds, Abhishek Kumar finished the show as the runner-up. Abhishek Kumar’s emotional side won the hearts of many. The turning point came when Samarth Jyurel, Isha’s current partner, entered the house during the grand finale.

A special place in the hearts of Big Boss fans is reserved for Abhishek Kumar because of his response, which brought attention to a significant turning moment in his life. Abhishek showed resilience as a player after that and finished in second place.

Abhishek Kumar, an enthusiastic Punjabi lad, often found himself in arguments at home. His “This is who I am” attitude stirred up drama many times. The first physical altercation at home occurred between him and his brother.

However, Abhishek remained a force to be reckoned with. On the day he lost control, slapping Samarth after being teased about his claustrophobia and mental health, he overcame the setback and embarked on a journey of smiles.

Leaving all the turmoil behind and smiling once again, Abhishek walked out of the Big Boss 17 house with his head held high. Although Abhishek Kumar didn’t win the title, he gained numerous fans. I’m hoping for the best for him in his further pursuits.

Right from the beginning of the season, Abhishek showed his love for Isha. Many thought it was just a part of the game. When asked about it after the grand finale, he mentioned that he never wanted to play around that and his other relationships on the show. He saidthat others could see what he was doing and that’s why he didn’t want to change the rules of the game.

Abhishek Kumar says, he won’t be in touch with Isha

After expressing that he has moved beyond his previous relationship, Abhishek was asked about his ideal companion in the grand finale week. He restated his desire to remain with someone similar to Isha. When asked if he still loves her, he replied, “I don’t want to say anything about Isha because the show is over. I’ll just say it’s done and dusted, and I won’t be in touch with Isha.”

His parents are proud of him and his journey. Talking about it, he said, “When my parents saw me on stage with Salman sir, they were emotional and happy. They are proud of me.”

Salman Khan: Bigg Boss’s Sultan

For almost fifteen years, the Indian reality TV series Bigg Boss has been linked to one name: Salman Khan. Salman has become the program’s unmistakable lifeblood, with his fierce rebukes and unscripted emotional outbursts mixed with an adorable grin and witty repartee. Today, we delve into Salman Khan’s multifaceted personality, which has led to his being dubbed Bigg Boss Sultan.

The Charmer: 

Let’s face it, Salman Khan is a Bollywood superstar. His charisma spills over onto the Bigg Boss stage, making him instantly likable. He connects with contestants on a human level, offering words of encouragement and playful banter. Remember when he taught Shehnaaz Gill how to do the “Dil Diya Gall” hook step? Pure gold!

The Mediator: 

Bigg Boss wouldn’t be Bigg Boss without its fair share of drama and conflicts. Salman steps in as the ultimate mediator, navigating arguments with the finesse of a seasoned diplomat. He reminds contestants of the rules, scolds them when necessary, and even sheds a tear or two when touched by their stories. His Weekend Ka Vaars are a must-watch for their explosive mix of drama and Salman’s signature brand of justice.

The Motivator: 

Life in the Bigg Boss house can be tough. Contestants face isolation, competition, and emotional breakdowns. Salman plays the role of a cheerleader, motivating them to overcome challenges and reminding them of their strengths. His words of wisdom, often peppered with his own life experiences, have become a Bigg Boss staple.

The Disciplinarian: 

Don’t let the charm fool you. Salman Khan can be stern when needed. He has zero tolerance for violence, bullying, or disrespect towards the house rules. His stern rebukes and occasional evictions serve as a stark reminder that actions have consequences, even in the Bigg Boss house.

The Unpredictable One

Just when you think you’ve got Salman Khan figured out, he throws you a curveball. One moment he’s cracking jokes, the next he’s lost in a heartfelt conversation with a contestant. His unpredictability keeps viewers engaged, always wondering what his next move will be.


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