“Sidhu Moose Wala’s Family Joy: New Arrival – Father Cradles Newborn Brother at 58!”

Sidhu Moose Wala

Sidhu Moose Wala, the 28-year-old Punjabi rapper, was tragically shot dead on May 29, 2022, in Mansa. Now, his parents, Balkaur Singh and Charan Kaur, have welcomed a son into the world.

Sidhu Moose Wala’s Brother(watch video)

The late rapper Sidhu Moose Wala’s father, Balkaur Singh, and his wife Charan Kaur, have welcomed a newborn son. On Sunday, Balkaur shared a post on Instagram, giving a glimpse of the baby.
Balkaur was shown smiling and holding his son in recent videos while medical personnel gathered around him. He was seen smiling while watching his son lying on the bed. In the clip, Balkaur even fed his son milk with a spoon and later blessed the staff. He cut a cake with them and even fed a piece to one of the staff members. Balkaur also posed with his son in front of the camera.

Earlier, he had shared a photo with the newborn. Siddhu’s photo frame was also in the background of the picture. Wearing a blue shirt and denim, Balkaur held the baby in his arms. There was also a cake placed on the table nearby.

Balkaur captioned the post in Punjabi, “With the blessings of millions of loving souls and the grace of the Almighty, the Supreme One has placed the younger brother of Shubhdeep in our arms. With the blessings of Waheguru, the family is healthy, and I am grateful to everyone for their boundless love (folded hands emoji).”

What did Balkaur say about Charan’s pregnancy?

Balkaur addressed the persistent accusations about their family last week and advised everyone not to believe them. On his verified Facebook profile, he penned a heartfelt message in Punjabi, expressing gratitude to Siddhu’s supporters for their genuine concern towards our family’s well-being. But we request that there are many rumors circulating about the family, which should not be the case.” He reassured everyone that whatever news there is, the family will share it with everyone.

Family sources confirmed to Tribune in February that Siddhu’s mother, Charan Kaur, underwent IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment and was successful in conceiving a baby in March. The confirmation of Charan’s pregnancy was made by Siddhu Moosewala’s uncle, Chamkaur Singh.

About Sidhu Moose Wala

The 28-year-old Siddhu Moosewala was shot dead on May 29, 2022, in Mansa. Upon reaching Mansa Civil Hospital, he was declared dead. After the assailants shot over thirty rounds at him, the villagers discovered him unconscious on the driver’s seat.

This incident occurred just a day after the Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann’s government decided to withdraw his security as part of a move to tighten the noose on the VIP culture in the state. In the previous assembly elections, Siddhu had contested from Mansa on a Congress ticket but lost to Vijay Singla.


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