“Controversial Comments by Maldives Minister Shiuna Ignite Outrage: INDIA Raises Concern Over Remarks on PM MODI”


On Sunday, comments were raised by Maldives’ Youth Rights Deputy Minister Mariyam Shiuna against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Sources claim that the Indian High Commissioner in Male has brought up the issue with the Maldivian government.

Following President Mohamed Muzhu’s leadership, the Maldivian government distanced itself from statements made by one of its ministers, marking a significant shift. The government emphasized the necessity for responsible and democratic manifestation of freedom in a statement that was made public.
The government firmly declared, “Authorities are prepared to act decisively in response to individuals who engage in making disrespectful remarks.”

Background on India-Maldives Dispute:

Tensions between India and Maldives escalated when a minister from the island nation made derogatory remarks against PM Modi during his recent visit to the Lakshadweep region.

Maldives’ Youth Rights Deputy Minister Mariyam Shiuna referred to the Indian Prime Minister using terms like ‘joker’ and ‘puppet.’The offensive comments triggered widespread anger in India, leading to calls for boycotting travel to Maldives in protest.

In a post on a social media platform, Nasheed stated, “The officials of the Maldives government, especially Mariyam Shiuna, have used such horrifying language against a key ally, which is crucial for the security and prosperity of the Maldives.
The government must to disassociate itself from such remarks and give India the unambiguous assurance that they do not represent official policy.”
President Mohamed Muzhu’s newly elected administration distanced itself from its minister’s remarks on Sunday, saying that it would not think twice to take legal action against anyone who made offensive remarks.

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Concerns were expressed in India over the derogatory comments against its Prime Minister, with political channels addressing the situation with Maldivian officials.

This incident happened when the government of Mohamed Muzhu launched an anti-India campaign in line with anti-Indian sentiments. Tensions have persisted between the two nations, creating a strained dynamic that endures to this day.
The new Maldivian government is leaning towards closer ties with the Arab world, as evidenced by Mohamed Muzhu’s first international visit to Turkey, a country known for its anti-India stance.

Response from Maldivian Politicians:

Mariyam Shiuna’s comments were not well-received within the domestic political circles of Maldives, and former President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih criticized the “abhorrent” language used against India.
“I condemn the use of such hate-filled language against India by officials of the Maldives government on social media. India has always been a good friend to the Maldives, and we should not allow negative impacts on centuries-old friendship between our two countries due to such harsh comments,” said Ibrahim Mohammed Solih.

In response to derogatory comments, the Maldivian government suspended three ministers on Sunday who had made disrespectful remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi on social media platforms. The administration had previously declared that it would not think twice about taking legal action against anybody who made offensive remarks.
The suspended ministers are Mariyam Shiuna, Malsha Shareef, and Mahzoom Majid.

“The Maldivian government is aware of disrespectful comments against foreign leaders and high-ranking individuals on social media platforms,” the administration said in a statement. These opinions are personal and do not represent the thoughts of the Maldivian government.”
Previously, Mariyam Shiuna, the Deputy Minister for Youth Rights in Maldives, had made derogatory comments against Modi on the social media platform X. The post including pictures from Modi’s most recent trip to Lakshadweep has since been removed.
It stated, “What a joker. Israel’s puppet Mr. Narendra Gota with a life jacket.

Another minister, Malsha Shareef, a colleague of Shiuna, made similar derogatory comments against tourism campaigns in India and Maldives.
These posts, along with others from well-known figures, generated a larger backlash against Indian visitors and travelers in the Maldives.

In one post on X, Nasheed, often considered more India-friendly than the current administration, said, “Maldivian government official @shiona_m has used such horrifying language against a key ally, crucial for the security and prosperity of the Maldives. @MMuizzu government should distance itself from these comments and provide clear assurance to India that they do not reflect the government’s policy.”
The Maldives’ political landscape has been fraught with divisions, and the recent controversy has intensified the already tense relations between the two nations. Both sides’ social media users have been in a verbal spat, highlighting different facets of the bilateral relationship and bringing up previous incidents of India’s help to the Maldives.

We have Lakshadweep:

In response to derogatory comments, Indian social media users have utilized the hashtag “BoycottMaldives,” pledging to refrain from traveling to the island nation for vacations.

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In November 2023, the Maldivian government, under Mohamed Muzhu’s leadership, officially requested the Indian government to recall its military personnel from the island nation, marking a formal request for the withdrawal of Indian military forces.


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