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“Watch| CCTV footage, Only a Trailer: Lawrence Bishnoi’s Stark Warning to Salman Khan Amid Mumbai House Incident”

Lawrence Bishnoi

In jail, gangster Lawrence Bishnoi’s brother Anmol Bishnoi has given a warning to Bollywood superstar Salman Khan about the attack that took place at his Bandra residence on Sunday, calling it the “first and final warning”.

Describing the incident as a “trailer”, Bishnoi said, “We have only shown you the trailer so that you understand the fear of our strength and do not test it. This is the first and final warning.”

Lawrence Bishnoi’s statement

In a Facebook post in Hindi, “We want peace. If the only solution against injustice is a decisive war, then so be it. Salman Khan, we have only shown you the trailer so that you understand the fear of our strength and do not test it. This is the first and final warning. After this, there will be no gunfire outside the house. And we have dogs in the name of Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Shakeel, whom you consider gods. The Facebook post purportedly from Lawrence Bishnoi stated, “You won’t catch me blabbering endlessly.”

CCTV footage

Meanwhile, some sources has reported, citing Delhi Police sources, that there is suspicion that one of the two persons seen firing shots outside Salman Khan’s residence in Mumbai, as seen in CCTV footage, could be from Gurugram.

Two people fired around 5 am outside the Galaxy Apartments in Bandra, where the actor resides, and fled. According to a Bandra Police officer, Section 307 of the IPC (attempt to murder) and the Arms Act have been registered against “unknown persons” as a priority.

Connection with other cases

Referring to an official source from Delhi Police, “There is suspicion that one of the two could be a criminal from Gurugram who was involved in several murders and robberies in Haryana and was wanted in the murder of businessman Sachin Munjal in Gurugram in March.”
Gangster Rohit Godara, who lives abroad, has allegedly taken responsibility for Munjal’s murder in a social media post. He is said to be associated with gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, his brother Anmol, and Goldie Barar.

Earlier warning to Salman khan

Earlier in March 2023, Salman Khan had received a threatening email at his office, after which Mumbai Police had to file an FIR against Lawrence Bishnoi, Goldie Barar, and another person.
In addition, the FIR was registered under sections 120-B (criminal conspiracy), 506-II (criminal intimidation), and 34 (common intention) of the IPC. The complaint for the FIR was filed by Prashant Gunjalkar at Bandra Police, which stated that he often went to Salman Khan’s residence in Bandra and operated an artist management company.

The email mentioned that Khan would have seen an interview given by Lawrence Bishnoi to a news channel, and if not, he should watch it. Addressing Gunjalkar, it said that if Khan wants to settle the matter, he should talk directly to “Goldie Bhai,” “There is still time, but next time, you will see a shock” (you will see something shocking next time), Mumbai Police had earlier said.

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“Watch| Breaking the Bundesliga Mold: Bayer Leverkusen Shatters Bayern Munich’s 11-Year Reign with Maiden Title Triumph”


Bayer Leverkusen broke an 11-year hold on Bayern Munich’s Bundesliga dominance since 1993 to clinch their first trophy. Led by Xabi Alonso, Leverkusen secured their maiden Bundesliga title with a resounding 5-0 victory over SV Werder Bremen on Sunday, scripting history.

Win under Alonso

Alonso, the former midfield maestro for Real Madrid and Liverpool, took charge of Leverkusen in October 2022, initiating a new era in the Bundesliga, which many didn’t anticipate but aimed to revolutionize German football.

Leverkusen’s unbeaten streak in the Bundesliga

Under his guidance, Leverkusen is currently on an unbeaten streak in the Bundesliga, with 25 wins, 4 draws, and 79 points from 29 matches, setting a league record. With five games left, Leverkusen secured the Bundesliga title, ending Bayern Munich’s dominance in the league. It was the first time since 2012 that Bayern failed to secure the league title, with Alonso orchestrating their downfall.
When Alonso took over Leverkusen, they were second after eight Bundesliga matches, but the Spaniard instilled confidence in the players and transformed their mentality.

6th in previous season

They finished sixth on the table the previous season after making a tremendous recovery. They signed prolific scorer Harry Kane with the intention of unseating Bayern Munich, but their goals for this season were higher. Leverkusen’s ability to maintain their form was questioned by many, but Alonso kept them together, and they got better every time they played.

Leverkusen’s Team game

They performed well as a team, not depending just on individual talent to win. Florian Wirtz and Victor Boniface jointly lead with 11 goals each this season. There wasn’t much competition in the Bundesliga this season as champions Leverkusen built a significant 16-point lead over Bayern with five matches remaining.

Wirtz made sure that no one had to wait for another game to feel the rush of victory by scoring an amazing hat-trick on Sunday. Their astounding 43-game winning streak this season across all competitions was boosted by their 5-0 victory.

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Xabi Alonso’s reaction

Leverkusen still has a long way to go in this season, even though they are far from winning the German Cup and taking a 2-0 lead against West Ham United in the first leg of the Europa League quarterfinals.

Coach Xabi Alonso of Bayer Leverkusen said, “With a great team and a great club, this is a momentous occasion.” A championship win is always memorable. It’s the first time in Leverkusen’s history, so you have to savor it. Celebrate with fans, it’s an honor to work for this club, for families.”

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Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar: A Beacon of Equality on Ambedkar Jayanti


Every year on April 14th, India celebrates Ambedkar Jayanti, the birth anniversary of Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. In addition to honoring the birth of a great leader, today offers an opportunity to learn more about the man who battled for equality and justice for all people, particularly for India’s impoverished inhabitants.

From Untouchable to Scholar: A Life Marked by Struggle

Born in 1891 into a Dalit family, Ambedkar faced the harsh realities of caste discrimination from a young age.  The “untouchables,” as they were called, were ostracized and denied basic human rights. Despite these immense challenges, Ambedkar possessed an unwavering spirit and a thirst for knowledge.  He excelled in his studies, even though he wasn’t allowed to sit with other students in class.  Because of his unwavering determination, he broke social conventions by becoming the first untouchable to obtain a PhD degree outside.

PM Modi pays Tribute

Fighting for Dignity: A Champion of Social Justice

Ambedkar’s life became a relentless fight against the injustice of the caste system.  He passionately advocated for the rights of Dalits and other marginalized communities.  He believed that education was the key to breaking the shackles of social hierarchy.  He founded a number of organizations whose goals were to uplift these neighborhoods and offer educational opportunities.

One of his most iconic acts of defiance was the Mahad Satyagraha of 1927.  He led a peaceful protest demanding access to a public water tank, a basic right denied to Dalits.  This brave deed brought national attention and questioned the fundamental basis of caste inequality.

The Architect of Modern India: The Indian Constitution

Perhaps Dr. Ambedkar’s most significant contribution to India was his role as the chairman of the drafting committee for the Indian Constitution. Committee’s foresight and diplomatic actions laid the foundation for the establishment of a democratic India based on the principles of equality, liberty, and brotherhood. Committee ensured that untouchability was prohibited and the caste system was abolished by amending the Constitution.

Beyond the Constitution: A Multifaceted Legacy of Ambedkar

Dr. Ambedkar’s legacy extends far beyond the Constitution.  “He was a prolific writer, economist, and social reformer.  Thus, he advocated not only for economic empowerment but also for social change.” His work on caste, social justice, and economic advancements still inspire scholars and activists. He believed that equality needs access to opportunities and resources.

His conversion to Buddhism in 1956 was another significant act.  Inspired by the religion’s emphasis on equality and individual merit, he challenged the hierarchical structures of Hinduism that had historically subjugated Dalits.

A Call to Action: Building an Inclusive India

While Ambedkar Jayanti celebrates his achievements, it’s also a stark reminder of the work that remains.  Caste discrimination, although outlawed, continues to exist in various forms.  Socioeconomic inequalities persist, limiting opportunities for marginalized communities.

Honoring Dr. Ambedkar’s legacy requires more than just remembering his birthday.  It’s a call to action.  Here are a few ways we may help create an India that lives up to his principles:

  • Become Informed: Acquire knowledge about the origins of caste and its ongoing influence on Indian culture. To learn more, watch documentaries, read books, and write articles.
  • Challenge Discrimination: Speak out against caste-based prejudice and promote inclusion in your daily life. If you witness someone being discriminated against, intervene and offer support.
  • Support Educational Initiatives: Advocate for and support programs that provide equal access to quality education for all communities. Education is a powerful tool for empowerment, as Dr. Ambedkar himself believed.
  • Promote Economic Empowerment: Support initiatives that provide marginalized groups with access to skills training, financial resources, and opportunities for entrepreneurship. Real equality cannot be attained without economic freedom.
  • Celebrate Diversity: Embrace the rich tapestry of Indian society. Study about various viewpoints, customs, and cultures. Honor the contributions made by every community to India’s illustrious past.

Remembering Dr. Ambedkar is about shaping a more just future.

By educating ourselves, challenging discrimination, and actively working towards an inclusive society, we can truly celebrate Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar’s legacy on Ambedkar Jayanti and beyond.

“Watch| Attack on Israel & Biden’s Iran Warning & Lufthansa Flights Halted | Updates on Israel Conflict”


What Biden Said about the US Helping Israel Against Iran. On Friday, US President Joe Biden said that Iran might attack Israel sooner or later. Tehran was forewarned not to attack the nation because the United States is dedicated to defending it.

In the meanwhile, Indian travelers are advised by the Foreign Ministry to avoid Iran and Israel “due to the current situation in the region. “Iran promised to strike back after seven senior military members, including two generals, were slain in what it said were Israeli strikes on its embassy in Damascus last week.

Here are some points about the tension

Biden’s message

Biden conveyed a message to Iran in one word regarding its alleged plans to attack Israel – ‘Don’t.’ He stated that America will assist in defending Israel. He said, “We are committed to Israel’s defense. “We stand firmly behind Israel, ready to lend our support and aid in its defense, ensuring that country’s ambitions will be thwarted.” Addressing journalists at the White House following an event, Biden emphasized his reluctance to divulge classified details but expressed anticipation of an imminent, rather than delayed, assault.

Mid-east attacked Israel

Prior to Biden’s comments, White House spokesperson John Kirby described concerns about attacks on Israel as a “real and credible threat.” However, he refrained from specifying a timeline. He said the United States does not expect Irran or its proxies to attack its military. He stated that the country is still monitoring its position in the region. He remarked, “Neglecting our strategic stance in the region would be imprudent, risking our state of readiness.”

Country’s warnings to citizens

Apart from India, France, Poland, and Russia have also warned their citizens against traveling to this region. The German Foreign Office said in an advisory that there is a risk of sudden escalation. It stated, “There is a tangible risk of German citizens being arbitrarily detained, interrogated, and subjected to lengthy imprisonment. Dual nationals with Iranian and German citizenship are particularly at risk.”

India’s advice regarding travel to Iran and Israel

The Indian Foreign Ministry advised “all Indians not to travel to Iran or Israel until further notice.” It stated, “Those currently residing in middle-east country or Israel are requested to contact Indian missions there and register themselves. They are also urged to exercise extreme caution regarding their safety and minimize their activities.”
Around 4,000 Indians reside in Iran, while 18,500 Indian expatriates live in Israel. New Delhi is getting ready for a number of emergencies, one of which might be the removal of Indians from both nations.

Familiar with the latest developments, some individuals said that now no Indian will be allowed to travel to Israel for construction work. The first batch of 64 Indian laborers departed for Israel earlier this month, and more than 6,000 construction workers were scheduled to leave for Israel from India in April and May.

Hezbollah, a Lebanese organization supported by Iran, fired multiple missiles at northern Israel on Friday. Israel’s defensive systems intercepted the rocket. According to Israel, 40 rockets were fired from Lebanon.

Daniel Hagari’s statement

Israel’s senior military officer, Daniel Hagari, said on Friday that the country is capable of personally dealing with every threat. He stated, “Our defensive measures are primed, equipped to address each threat on a case-by-case basis.” For the protection of Israeli civilians, we are also ready for attacks of all kinds.” He said that Iran was making things worse in the Middle East.

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Israel’s Statement

Hagari said that Israel is prepared to deal with Iranian threats. He said, “We have been taking action against them (all) from the beginning of the war.” He said, “Iran is escalating tensions, emphasizing regional tensions. We will know how to deal with Iranian threats. We are well-prepared and know how to respond to anything.”
On Friday, German airline Lufthansa announced that it will not use Iranian airspace amid tensions. “In light of prevailing circumstances, Lufthansa has temporarily halted its Tehran flights until Thursday, April 18th.”The airline is also not using Iranian airspace.” The airspace, “it said.”

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“Watch| Raphinha’s Double Seals Barcelona’s 3-2 Victory Over PSG in UEFA Champions League 2023-24 Quarterfinal First Leg”


In the action-packed Champions League quarter-final at Park des Princes, players from Barcelona Rafinha and Kristensen clinched victories. The football achievements that FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain showed on Wednesday were among their most exciting in recent memory.

The score fluctuated throughout the thrilling match at Parc des Princes, but Barcelona eventually prevailed 3-2 to move one step closer to sealing a position in the Champions League semifinal against either Borussia Dortmund or Atletico Madrid.

Barcelona’s Lead

Things would ultimately be decided by Kristensen’s header, meaning Barcelona now holds a one-goal lead and home advantage for the second leg next Tuesday. But nothing is set in stone. Teams like PSG can’t be taken lightly. However, Barcelona is currently in a very good position and will depart from the French capital with a big smile on their face. Smiles that are being shared worldwide at this moment!

Frankie and Pedri Return

One of the biggest stories of the day unfolded even before the game started. Not only was Frankie de Jong fit and in the starting lineup, but Pedri was also ready and waiting on the bench.

Indeed, it was a brilliant lob forward by the Canarian forward, marking his return by assisting Rafinha’s equalizer in the 62nd minute. What a way to mark his comeback!

Rafinha Opener

PSG was clearly excited about it and made their presence felt in the early minutes, but they were only able to capitalize on half-chances, leaving Ter Stegen untroubled. Such onslaughts from all sides had them caught off guard. As a result, Barcelona, despite both teams being quiet, were the ones presented with the biggest opportunities, including a chance from Lewandowski that Nuno Mendes did well to shepherd out.

Barcelona took some time to build momentum, but once they did, they ensured it counted. Lenglet was targeting Lewandowski, and though Donnarumma got there first, he could only divert the ball into the path of Rafinha… and it was the Brazilian’s first Champions League goal… sealing a 1-0 victory for Catalonia! Still, within the first five minutes of the restart, Barcelona was playing catch-up.

PSG Changes

After celebrating so many of Ousmane Dembélé’s goals in recent years, it’s now time to lament. Ronald Araujo blocked a shot straight into the former blogger’s path, and it was a fantastic finish for Ter Stegen. There was no time to digest this blow before the through ball to Vittinha at the end and the score was 2-1.

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Back in Charge

It could have gotten even worse if Ter Stegen hadn’t pushed Bradley Barcola’s effort onto the crossbar, but a fairly comfortable situation quickly turned very worrisome. It was resolved immediately by Pedri’s delightful lob, and in the same spectacular fashion, Rafinha once again elevated this extraordinary match to another level with a volley.

PSG had two good chances to re-establish their lead, but Barcelona denied them with some superb saves from Araujo and Kilian Mbappé. Birthday Boy Kristensen stood tall at the corner to put Barcelona ahead again, and this time it was for good! The Dane is such an important player, but it’s unfortunate that he won’t be able to play in the return leg, as both he and captain Sergi Roberto had to endure yellow card suspensions tonight.

The match ended at 3-2, but there are still 90 minutes left. Act II kicks off at the Estadio Olímpico next Tuesday night at 12:30 IST. And we can’t wait!

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Watch| Real Madrid 3-3 Man City: Valverde volley denies City first-leg victory in Champions League quarter-final

Real Madrid

In the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final, Manchester City drew 3-3 with Real Madrid, goals for City came from Bernardo Silva, Phil Foden, and Joao Cancelo, but Federico Valverde’s late equalizer ensured the match ended in a draw.

City’s game against Real Madrid

Manchester City played an extraordinary game against Real Madrid, drawing 3-3, leaving the Champions League quarter-final tie finely poised.

Bernardo Silva’s early goal

It seemed like Phil Foden and Joao Cancelo’s long-range strikes had secured a dramatic win for Pep Guardiola’s European champions in the night, but Madrid took the lead twice within two minutes after Bernardo Silva’s early goal.

Valverde’s splendid volley

However, Federico Valverde’s splendid volley leveled it once again, much to the delight of the enthusiastic Bernabeu crowd. A draw was a fair result considering City’s dominance, although Madrid had better chances. Everyone needs to play their part in Manchester before the second leg.

Guardiola on Foden

Speaking in the post-match press conference, Guardiola addressed some concerns about Foden limping towards the end of the game: “He was angry with me for substituting him. That means he’s okay.”

How the drama unfolded

Kevin De Bruyne’s absence from the bench wasn’t an ideal start for City, but they gained an early advantage after Jack Grealish was brought down in the first minute. Silva’s free-kick found Andriy Lunin diving to keep it out.

Real Madrid’s response

The attempt to close the roof of the famous old stadium in an effort to spoil the atmosphere was thwarted by two quick goals. It was a notable response from the 14-time champions, even if City considered themselves unfortunate in terms of goal-scoring.

Eduardo Camavinga’s shot was heading the other way until he collided with Ruben Dias, diverting onto the wrong foot of goalkeeper Stephen Ortega, who was left helpless again as Rodrigo’s shot deflected off Manuel Akanji and into the empty net. Real Madrid can be weird at times, as City knows best two years after suffering semifinal defeat in the Spanish capital. More worrisome was Carlo Ancelotti’s team continuing to trouble the Premier League champions after that.

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Some missed opportunities

Rodrigo and Vinicius Junior had several opportunities to double their lead before halftime, attacking the left channel according to their wishes. Both sides lost good chances at the start of the second half. It proved costly.

Foden’s chance wasn’t as clear, but it was more precise, lobbing the ball into the top corner from 20 yards out to break Madrid’s resistance. It was a characteristic of his recent excellent form. The manner in which Guardiola’s side conceded was less anticipated. Cutting inside with his supposedly weaker right foot, the Croatian defender found himself in space and beat Lunin at his near post. All three of City’s goals came from outside the penalty box. It was a fantastic finishing display, but Madrid had an answer of their own.

Valverde made a run at the back post and took his shot spectacularly, scoring three times from as many attempts, setting the stage perfectly for the rematch at the Etihad Stadium next week. Based on this evidence, both teams will fancy their chances of progressing.

Match stats

This was only the first knockout round game in the Champions League where both teams scored three or more goals in the first leg, despite the lead swinging back and forth. It’s only the fourth time in Champions League history that both teams have scored three or more goals in the first leg of a two-legged knockout tie, with the previous instance also involving these two sides (semifinal in 2022).

In his last three games at the Santiago Bernabeu versus Real Madrid, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has not won, which is his longest losing run as a visiting coach. The only other knockout round match in the Champions League where the first 14 minutes featured three goals was in April 2019, when Manchester City faced Tottenham. More goals from outside the box than any other Premier League player in all competitions have been scored by Foden for Manchester City this season.”

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“Watch| Total Solar Eclipse 2024 Livestream: Watch the Surya Grahan Live – Know When and Where to Tune In!”

Solar Eclipse 2024

Full Solar Eclipse 2024 Livestream: The total solar eclipse is set to occur on April 8th. If you’re in India, find out when and where to watch the solar eclipse live here.

How it looks (watch)

Full Solar Eclipse 2024: An extraordinary event is about to happen on April 8th, which will change the way we perceive the Sun and the Moon from Earth. During this solar eclipse, Earth’s small satellite will completely overshadow the vast, shining Sun, leaving only a fierce outline visible.

It’s truly a mind-boggling natural phenomenon that occurs only occasionally. Yes, the full solar eclipse is happening tomorrow, and sky watchers need to know what to expect. The most notable thing about this solar eclipse is that it will be total, indicating that the Moon will completely cover the Sun.

Full Solar Eclipse 2024 – What to Expect?

What will actually happen during this event is that the Moon will align directly in front of the Sun from Earth’s perspective, causing a very large shadow to completely block it. This will result in a decrease in temperature and turn day into a nearly night-like experience. It’s a mesmerizing and captivating possibility.

Solar Eclipse 2024 in India

The total solar eclipse will be visible from Mexico, the United States to Canada. Those residing in India will have to utilize the livestream of the solar eclipse, which will be provided by NASA on a global scale.

What time will the full solar eclipse 2024 occur?

Viewers can witness the live spectacle of the solar eclipse for almost 12 hours – it will begin at 9:12 PM on April 8th and conclude at 2:22 AM on April 9th. Keeping the rarity of the event in mind, a large number of people will travel to those geographical areas with the best views, while others will have to manage with the live stream of the event. Remember, totality will last for about 4 minutes.

What not to do while directly viewing the full solar eclipse

The most important thing to note is the significant danger to your eyes from directly observing the solar eclipse. People have gone blind due to observing the eclipse directly with their eyes. The problem is that a person’s eyes can be damaged without feeling any pain because there are no pain receptors in the sensitive art of the eyes.
For this purpose, it’s best to purchase strong eclipse glasses. Remember, regular sunglasses won’t work and can make matters worse.

How to watch the live stream of the solar eclipse

You can comfortably watch the full solar eclipse online from your home. While it’s not the ideal way, if you can’t travel to the areas where it’s happening, there’s no other option.
NASA, the American space agency, has stated that they will livestream the full solar eclipse. Watch the full solar eclipse here.

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“MI vs DC IPL 2024 Match: Suryakumar Yadav’s Return – Can Mumbai Indians Secure Their First Win? Fantasy Team, Pitch Report, and More”

MI vs DC

MI vs DC: Today’s exciting IPL showdown is set to take place at Mumbai’s iconic Wankhede Stadium on April 7th, featuring a thrilling face-off between the Mumbai Indians (MI) and the Delhi Capitals (DC). This will be the first match of the day, starting at 3:30 PM.

Return of Surya

As Suryakumar Yadav is back from an extended injury, today’s game is really important for MI since they haven’t won an IPL game yet. The team’s performance heavily relies on their batting to secure their first win.
While MI might win today’s game, chances are they’ll remain at the bottom of the IPL 2024 points table. DC has only won 1 out of the 4 games played so far, placing MI at the same podium. Unless MI improves their net run rate (NRR), climbing up the points table seems unlikely.

Mumbai Indians so far

Mumbai has played 3 matches so far, losing all of them. Since taking over as the team’s captain from Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya has been under fire for his on-field performance.
On the other hand, Delhi secured their first win against Chennai Super Kings (CSK) on March 31. Both teams are currently at the bottom of the points table; MI at 10th and DC at 9th.

MI vs DC Head-to-Head Record

Mumbai and Delhi have played 33 IPL matches so far. MI has won 18 and DC has won 15. Mumbai’s highest score against DC is 218, while Delhi’s highest score against MI is 213.

In the last 5 matches between them, MI has won 2. In IPL 2021, Mumbai played two matches against Delhi, losing both. In 2023, the last time they clashed in an IPL match, Rohit Sharma was the Player of the Match. His innings of 65 runs out of 45 balls helped Mumbai secure a win by 6 wickets.

MI vs DC Fantasy Team

Rishabh Pant (WK and VC), Axar Patel, David Warner, Prithvi Shaw, Enrique Nortje, Kuldeep Yadav, Ishan Kishan, Hardik Pandya (C), Jasprit Bumrah, Suryakumar Yadav, Rohit Sharma.

MI vs DC Pitch Report

Expecting high scores due to good pitch conditions, a fresh surface, and short boundaries in T20 cricket. Teams winning the toss might opt to bowl first. Out of the 112 IPL matches played here, teams batting second have won 62.
Fast bowlers have taken 70.61% of the wickets on this ground. To date, pacers have clinched an impressive 877 wickets, whereas spin maestros have accounted for 365 dismissals on the same turf. The average score in the first innings is 169.

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MI vs DC Weather

The temperature in Mumbai will be around 34 degrees Celsius at the start of the match, remaining fairly consistent throughout. There’s no chance of rain, and humidity won’t go above 32%. According to AccuWeather, air quality will be poor.

MI vs DC Prediction

According to Google, there’s a 59% chance that MI will defeat DC in their fourth match and secure their first points. We also believe that Mumbai will clinch their first victory and move up a bit in the points table.

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“Watch| A 4.8 Magnitude Earthquake Struck New York City”

New York

On Friday, April 5, near New York City, an earthquake occurred, causing buildings to shake and leaving residents of the area astonished, where experiencing a major seismic event is perhaps rare. The epicenter of the earthquake occurred in New Jersey, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), and its initial strength was 4.8.

A 4.8 Magnitude Earthquake(watch)

People from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts reported feeling the tremors. There have been no reports of any damage, a New York City Police Department spokeswoman told Reuters.
Let’s investigate the possible causes of the recent earthquake in New York and the reasons why these occurrences are uncommon there.

Cause of the calamity in New York?

It’s not clear which fault line the latest earthquake occurred on. Fault lines are fractures that allow tectonic plates – pieces of the Earth’s crust and upper mantle – to move, resulting in earthquakes.
According to a report by the USGS, “The Ramapo Fault, a major fault line, is located in New Jersey, emerging from the Appalachian Mountains.” The report also states that there are at least five smaller fault lines beneath Manhattan Island.

In particular, determining on which fault line the earthquake occurred on the eastern coast is not easy. “The challenge in studying the region stems from the fact that “the nearest plate boundaries reside deep within the heart of the Atlantic Ocean,” as stated in the piece.”

Why are earthquakes rare in New York?

Unlike western coastal areas such as California, the eastern coast, including New York, is not situated near the edges of tectonic plates.
According to The New York Times, “Hundreds of millennia in the past, the terrain that would later evolve into New York witnessed the convergence of continents, accompanied by significant seismic upheavals.” The fault lines running through the area have become less active over time. However, they sometimes relieve the stresses of that period.

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John C. Mutter, a professor of earth and environmental sciences at Columbia University, told NBC News, “What you’re feeling here, these little earthquakes, is the release of those tensions from that time.”
“These little earthquakes that you’re experiencing here are the release of those tensions from that time,” he continued. Things take some time to calm down.”

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“Watch| Chelsea Edges Past Man Utd 4-3 with Cole Palmer’s Hat-trick in Premier League Showdown”


A breathtaking match that kept us on the edge from start to finish, Chelsea’s insane double in extra time secured the win, as Cole Palmer’s first Chelsea hat-trick marked the most dramatic victory over Manchester United.

Chelsea’s Late Win

In a fierce contest, Chelsea managed to emerge victorious despite trailing in the 99th minute. Then came Palmer’s intervention, equalizing first from the penalty spot after Noni Madueke  was brought down by Diogo Dalot, followed by a sensational turn of events just a minute later to seal the win with a deflected shot.
The Blues had taken a two-goal lead in the first half, which was set in motion quite early when Havertz completed his hat-trick in the 11th minute.

Connor Gallagher made his way into our first half within five minutes, before Palmer doubled his advantage when he capitalized on a foul on Marc Cucurella, this time committed by Anthony Elanga.
However, Alejandro Garnacho and Bruno Fernandes leveled the score to 2-2 by halftime, and Manchester United took the lead after the break through Garnacho’s second goal. Nevertheless, it was Chelsea and Palmer who had the final say on that incredible night at Stamford Bridge, a moment not easily forgotten.

Gallagher Strikes

It was a fast-paced start to the game, which Chelsea capitalized on with industrious play in our midfield, almost resulting in an early goal within the first five minutes. Perhaps it was inevitable that scorer Connor Gallagher would be in the spotlight, especially after Chelsea’s captain faced disgraceful online abuse earlier in the week, and the way he’s performing reflects his response.

This move started with a beautiful out-of-the-boot pass from Enzo Fernandez, splitting Manchester United’s defense and freeing Malang Sarr on the right. Raphael Varane got a toe to his low cross, but only diverted it towards Gallagher. There was no mistake from Gallagher, as his first-time shot had enough power to evade André Onana’s outstretched hand.

It was clear how much the moment meant to Gallagher, as he raced towards the Shed End and West Stand corners to celebrate with Chelsea fans, matching their enthusiasm with his numbers. The competition was already heating up from the previous season.

United attempted to turn the tide, but efforts from Georgie Petrovich and Anthony were more of a threat, with them gathering themselves well before Mykola Mudryk unleashed a ranged shot that went wide.
The subsequent spell saw the home team putting up their best performance, at least in terms of possession, but it was the Blues who posed the most danger and soon found an opportunity to extend their lead. Mudryk overlapped with Mark Cucurella, and when the Spaniard attempted to curl one into the box, it inadvertently found Gallagher at the back post.

The game turned upside down

However, United managed to claw back a goal after half an hour, and it came from nowhere. The ball was played wide in the right-hand channel, and Moises Casado found himself with it. With the option of returning to Petrovich or going inside to Benoit Badiashile, he opted for the latter, but it was blocked by Alejandro Garnacho, who made a clear run to score.

This shock was soon reversed, as the home team equalized just before halftime. On this occasion, they orchestrated the attack by stretching the play wide with a precise cross-field pass, enabling Dalot to locate Bruno Fernandes waiting at the far post with a well-placed cross. This provided ample room to capitalize and head the ball into the net for a goal.

2-2 at Break

Chelsea immediately started its quest to regain the lead and were just inches away from doing so in stoppage time of the first half. Following a reverse pass from Havertz, Gallagher took a shot towards goal, but it came back off the right-hand post, and blues went into the break at 2-2.
Just like when this encounter kicked off an hour earlier, the game started off at a frantic pace in the opening stages of the second half. This time, however, some strong defensive blocks denied clear sight of goal for some time, until Nicholas Jackson denied Onana with a strong shot from the right, and Fernandes fired wide from a good position on the edge of our box.

Blues down but never out

The game was finely poised, and it felt like the next goal could be crucial. Unfortunately, it fell the wrong way on a counter for Manchester United. Anthony was able to break the offside trap and his cross found Petrovich, who got stuck in, giving Garnacho a chance to finish from behind the net, giving United the lead for the first time in the game.
The Blues tried to fight back, and soon Onana was clearing the ball from under his crossbar as Palmer attempted to poke it in from a tight angle with a crossbar clearance.

Chelsea’s press for Equalizer & Win

From then on, the game was played almost exclusively in Manchester United’s half as the Blues pressed for the equalizer. It seemed like it wouldn’t come until, in extra time,  Noni Madueke was tripped by Dalot inside the box, and for the second time in the game, the referee awarded a penalty against United’s full-back.
In the end, to equalize and salvage a late draw, Palmer once again employed the same method. Or so it seemed! Surprisingly, the goal hadn’t been cancelled out yet, and with less than a minute left, Chelsea snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, sending the bench into wild celebrations.

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Enzo played a short pass to Palmer from a tight angle, and our number 20 fired amidst the crowd. It was a big deflection off Scott McTominay, but no one was taking Palmer’s first Chelsea hat-trick away from him, as he emerged from the mayhem on the pitch to join in the unbelievable scenes of jubilation.

What’s next

Chelsea returns to Premier League action on Sunday, April 7, but this time on the road. The Blues travel north for a 5.30pm kick-off against Sheffield United.”