“Breaking: Mamata Banerjee Health Update – Bengal CM Discharged with Stitches, Under Close Monitoring”

Mamata Banerjee

Here’s a unique version of the sentence: “An update on the health of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been provided by Manimoy Bandopadhyay, the director of the SSKM Hospital under government administration, following her recent fall near her residence on March 14, resulting in a significant injury to her forehead and nose.” She fell backward due to a push.

Doctor’s statement

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Bandopadhyay mentioned that after treatment for her injuries, Mamata Banerjee was discharged. He also stated that the Chief Minister was admitted to the hospital due to complaints of “falling near her home due to a push from behind.”
The hospital director further explained that doctors placed three stitches on her forehead and one on her nose.

CM Mamata Banerjee’s injury

“Around 7:30 PM yesterday, the Chief Executive of West Bengal communicated to us that she experienced a tumble near her home, attributing it to an unexpected push from behind.” The director stated that CM Mamata Banerjee sustained a head injury and had severe bleeding from deep wounds on her forehead and nose.

CM’s evaluation at hospital

He continued, “Initially, she was evaluated by our neurosurgery HOD, medicine HOD, and our institute’s cardiologist because it was crucial to stabilize her vital organs. Three stitches were placed on her forehead and one on her nose, and necessary dressing was done. She underwent various tests including ECG, CT scan, etc., and the medical staff provided their opinions regarding her treatment.”
Although the Chief Minister was advised to stay in the hospital, she preferred to return home.

CM choses to go home

“She was advised to stay under observation, but she chose to go home. She will be closely monitored, and treatment will continue as per the advice of the doctors’ team. She will be reassessed tomorrow, and decisions regarding further treatment will be made accordingly.”
“Earlier today, the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) announced that Banerjee had sustained a “significant injury.” Additionally, AITC circulated images of Mamata from her hospital bed, revealing a pronounced wound on her forehead with blood visibly seeping.” A post read on AITC’s handle, “Our leader Mamata Banerjee has suffered a serious injury. Please keep her in your prayers.”

After news of her injury surfaced, political leaders expressed their wishes for her speedy recovery and prayed for her good health.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi wished her a speedy recovery. PM Modi posted on Twitter, “Wishing Mamata Didi a speedy recovery and good health.”

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On the CAA-NRC

Recently, the Chief Minister of West Bengal criticized the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and said that it “eliminates Muslims as if they have never contributed to the nation. I don’t like CAA because it has put five communities in the list… but Muslims have been excluded as if those people have not contributed anything to Hindustan (Muslims are not listed as if they have not contributed anything to the country)…” Banerjee said.


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