“Watch Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Viral Video, Sparks Outrage as He Confronts Student with a Shoe – Insights into the ‘Personal Matter'”

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Renowned Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has attempted to downplay the significance of a viral video in which he appears to mercilessly beat a person, purportedly claiming to be his disciple.

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In the footage, the popular qawwali singer is seen questioning an individual about a bottle, followed by slapping and beating the person ruthlessly. The person is heard pleading with the singer, stating, “I have no information about it.”

Another scene shows some people attempting to keep the Pakistani singer away to save a student.

The identity of the person involved was revealed to be an employee of the Pakistani broadcaster ‘Samaa TV,’ who had expressed concern about the increasing violent behavior among singers.

“Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan caught mistreating his employee. Later, he clarified,” wrote a user in the caption.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Clarification

However, Khan later clarified that it was a personal matter between a teacher (ustad) and his student (shagird). He posted a video on a microblogging site, displaying the beaten person and his father, explaining their version of the events.

“This is related to a personal matter between the teacher and the student.

He resembles my kid. It’s just the way a teacher and his student relate to each other. I show a disciple my affection when he does something right. The Pakistani singer stated in the video, “He has to face the consequences if he makes a mistake.”

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan said he had expressed regret to the victim of the beating. He stated that the individual had also misplaced a holy water bottle.

“There was no wrong intention behind his actions. He is like my father. He loves us a lot. The person spreading this video is trying to defame my teacher,” stated the student in the video. In the area of qawwali, the father also provided insight on the dynamic between the instructor and the pupil.

regarding the post, internet users responded to the footage and chastised Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for the occurrence. “Unfortunately, he won’t face any consequences,” one user commented. Everything will be taken care of by his money. What a despicable deed.”

“I’m depressed right now. Another commenter noted, “This incident has taken away many beautiful songs from me,” emphasizing the effect on the artist’s image in the industry.

“They don’t even respect art. Look at him, after this shameful act, he is trying to cover himself,” mentioned a third person in reaction.

Singer Chinmayi Shripada called Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s actions “horrifying”

Singer Chinmayi Shripada called Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s actions “horrifying” in a video after the event.

“It needs to be stopped,” Chinmayi wrote in the video that she posted on social media to voice her alarm about the cruelty. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan addressed the controversy and provided an explanation in a video message following the global success of the video. He made it clear that the conversation between the teacher and the student was private.

In order to draw attention to the abuse she  highlight the necessity of dealing with such behavior, Chinmayi also posted the video on her account. She wrote, “Those who give divinity to their position here say, ‘When students perform well, teachers shower them with love, and when they make a mistake, the punishment is equally severe.’ Gurus are protected by the ‘divinity’ of their position, regardless of their faith/practice – all their offenses, from violence to emotional abuse to sexual harassment, are forgiven for their ‘artistic integrity,’ ‘talent,’ etc.”


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