“RATAN TATA at 86: Unveiling WISDOM and LIFE LESSONS from the Titan of Business on His Birthday”

ratan tata

Industrialist, philanthropist, and former Chairman of the Tata Group, Ratan Tata, celebrates his 86th birthday today. The business boss, who was born in Bombay on 28 december, 1937, received the Padma Bhushan in 2000 and the Padma Vibhushan award in 2008.
On this day of Ratan Tata’s birthday, let us reflect on a few key learnings from his career.

Make Trust Your Top Priority:

Ratan Tata emphasized in an interview that trust is the most crucial aspect for him. He believes that the confidence of a company’s clients, employees, and investors is the point on which it grows. In order to further their interests or companies, many people may sacrifice their morals or ideals by lying, cheating, making false promises, betraying trust, or taking advantage of others for their own gain.

However, history tells us that Ratan Tata and the Tata Group are not built on such principles. They know that trust is the most important thing, which is why Tata has been successful all over the world for a long time. Thus, if your goal is to prosper in this world, put dedication, morals, and trust ahead of financial gain.

Emphasize Learning and Listening:

Few know that Ratan Tata initially rejected a job offer from IBM. Like other Tata Steel employees, he started by working on the shop floor and performing various tasks. IIn an interview, he revealed that he trained on the shop floors of three separate corporations for eight years at the start of his career.. At that time, he felt it was a waste, but eventually, he realized that those eight years of learning and training were the best investment he had made in himself.

According to Ratan Tata, there are two things that take a long time in life:

learning and listening. In reality, he once addressed graduates during a convocation ceremony and said, “Having a degree doesn’t mean you stop learning. Never consider your education to be finished.”

Transform Insults into Inspiration and Control Your Emotions:
Ratan Tata faced significant setbacks when his Tata Indica car failed to gain traction in the market. Advisers suggested selling the company, and he was indirectly insulted by the owner of Ford during a meeting. However, instead of succumbing to humiliation, Tata used it as motivation. He did not let his anger or insult go in vain. After rigorous hard work, extensive research, he eventually brought Tata Motors to a highly prosperous position. His labor did not, however, stop there. When Ford was facing financial difficulties, Tata seized the opportunity and made the strategic decision to acquire both brands, Jaguar and Land Rover.

It’s apt to say that retaliation and using your emotions wisely is the best course of action. Ratan Tata gave insight on how to manage and direct emotions for commercial success by converting adversity into inspiration.

Understand the Importance of Teamwork:

According to Ratan Tata, to accomplish great things, you need a great team; no individual can achieve great feats on their own. Everyone working with you in your team contributes, and it is your responsibility to take care of them. Now let’s explore the company’s past.
In 1912, Tata was the first company to implement an 8-hour workday. In 1917, Henry Ford followed suit. When Tata started providing medical benefits to his employees, many other businesses worldwide took notice and began adopting similar practices. Recall that successful collaboration is essential to your success.. When your team is strong, it will perform at its best, and when you value them, they become even stronger.

Recognize Why You Should Take Risks in Life:

Ratan Tata asserts that, like other visionaries such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and others, we should embrace risks in life.
Though they began in modest garages without a lot of financial assistance, these companies have grown to be enormous today. They continue to rule their respective markets in spite of this. When the appropriate moment arose, they were not afraid to take calculated risks and demonstrated courage in turning their ideas into reality. For this reason, taking chances, moving outside of your comfort zone, being brave, and attempting something new are crucial for personal growth.”
This summarizes the most important takeaways from Ratan Tata’s motivational journey.


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