“Breaking News: Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate Arrested in Romania on UK Sexual Offense Allegations”

Andrew Tate

“Online Influencer Andrew Tate Taken into Custody in Romania” and served with an arrest warrant by British officials, their spokesperson said on Tuesday.

Detained for 24 hours

Spokesperson Mateya Petrescu stated that 37-year-old Tate and his brother Tristan Tate were detained on Monday evening for 24 hours in connection with allegations of sexual assault in a case dating back to 2012-2015 in the UK.

He mentioned that the Bucharest Court of Appeal is prepared to make a “significant decision” on whether to enforce the warrant issued by Westminster Magistrates’ Court in Britain.

Four individuals brought forward complaints against Andrew Tate to authorities in the UK regarding purported instances of physical and sexual mistreatment, however, the Crown Prosecution Service opted against pursuing legal action.

After that, the purported victims filed a civil lawsuit against him and used crowdsourcing to pay for their legal costs.

Mateya Petrescu’s statement

“We provided evidence of horrific acts of violence and awaited action. “After the passage of four years, we received notification that British authorities had decided against initiating legal proceedings,” they declared on their advocacy platform.  “This is our remaining avenue to hold him accountable.”

Petrescu said on Tuesday that the Tate brothers refute the allegations and express “deep disappointment that such serious allegations are being revived without any new evidence.”

Accusations on Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate is accused in Romania of human trafficking, rape, and organizing a criminal organization to take advantage of women sexually. In December 2022, authorities apprehended him in close proximity to Bucharest, alongside his sibling Tristan and two female Romanian associates. In June of the preceding year, Romanian prosecutors officially indicted all four individuals, all of whom have steadfastly refuted the accusations.

Tate’s response

Andrew Tate, who boasts 8.9 million followers on his social media platform X, has repeatedly claimed that the allegations against him in Romania are baseless and part of a political conspiracy to silence him. He has already faced bans from a number of significant social media sites for disseminating hate speech and expressing sexist opinions.

On Tuesday, a post appeared on Tate’s X account saying, “The Matrix fears, but I fear only God.” He uses the term “Matrix” to describe what he sees as a widespread conspiracy targeting men.

Earlier arrest

After being detained in Romania, the Tate siblings remained in police custody for a duration of three months before being subjected to house arrest measures. Later, they were restricted to Bucharest municipality and adjacent Ilfov County areas. At present, they are prohibited from departing Romania’s borders.  Legal proceedings regarding the case in Romania are still in the early stages, a process where defense witnesses can be challenged. There has been no scheduling of a date for the trial yet.

Tate successfully contested the confiscation of his assets by Romanian authorities in January, just after his apprehension. Romanian authorities seized 15 luxury cars worth an estimated 3.6 million euros (.9 million), 14 designer watches, and several currencies.


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