“US Confirms Israel’s Retaliation to Missile Attack, Iran Denies: Unveiling the Truth Behind the Conflict”


Israel Iran war : On Friday, Iran said that it had shot down several drones and clarified that, so far, there have been no missile attacks on the country after the reported explosions in Isfahan. However, two American officials have told agencies that Israel has carried out a retaliatory strike. Iran has expressed concerns about extensive conflict in the entire Middle East.

False alarm

An Iranian official has dismissed reports of missile attacks from Israel as a “false alarm.” The Iranian official stated that the explosions heard in Isfahan were the result of the active operations of Iran’s air defense systems. Hossein Delirian, spokesperson for Iran’s space agency, said, “Several drones have been successfully shot down by the country’s air defense, and there have been no reports of missile attacks for now.”

Delirian added, “So far, there have been no aerial attacks from outside the border on Isfahan or other parts of the country, and there has been only an unsuccessful and disrespectful attempt to fly a quadcopter, which was also shot down.” Fars News Agency reported “three explosions” near the Sheikhar Air Base in Isfahan.

American said Israel launched missile

Earlier in the day, according to a senior American official cited by ABC News, The Jewish country launched missile strikes against Tehran on Friday morning local time. State media reported that Iran’s air defense systems became active in response to explosions near Isfahan’s airports and a military base.

This episode occurs in the midst of increased tension in the Middle East as a result of Iran’s unprecedented strikes on the Jewish country with missiles and drones. Iran launched hundreds of drones and missiles into Syria over the weekend in retaliation for what it believed to be an Israeli strike on its embassy compound.
Furthermore, strikes on Syrian military posts in the governorates of As-Suwayda and Daraa were reported by Syrian media. According to As-Suwayda24, the attacks targeted Syrian military radar sites between Qaradah and Izra in southern Syria.

Netanyahu statement

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the country’s security cabinet have been convened multiple times. Following Iran’s unprecedented weekend attacks, The Jewish country pledged to respond, raising the possibility of further escalation in the region after months of fighting in Gaza.

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Iran’s foreign minister’s statement

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Iran’s foreign minister, warning Jewish country against taking any military action that would attack Iranian interests. He declared that Iran had completed its “defence and retaliatory measures” and pleaded with the world to stop Israel from initiating any kind of military action against Iran.

Regional tension escalated after the Israel-Hamas conflict when Hamas launched a cross-border attack, resulting in the deaths of 1,200 people in Jewish country and the abduction of 250 others. Local health officials claim that Israel’s strong response in Gaza resulted in widespread destruction and about 33,900 fatalities.

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