“Watch| Attack on Israel & Biden’s Iran Warning & Lufthansa Flights Halted | Updates on Israel Conflict”


What Biden Said about the US Helping Israel Against Iran. On Friday, US President Joe Biden said that Iran might attack Israel sooner or later. Tehran was forewarned not to attack the nation because the United States is dedicated to defending it.

In the meanwhile, Indian travelers are advised by the Foreign Ministry to avoid Iran and Israel “due to the current situation in the region. “Iran promised to strike back after seven senior military members, including two generals, were slain in what it said were Israeli strikes on its embassy in Damascus last week.

Here are some points about the tension

Biden’s message

Biden conveyed a message to Iran in one word regarding its alleged plans to attack Israel – ‘Don’t.’ He stated that America will assist in defending Israel. He said, “We are committed to Israel’s defense. “We stand firmly behind Israel, ready to lend our support and aid in its defense, ensuring that country’s ambitions will be thwarted.” Addressing journalists at the White House following an event, Biden emphasized his reluctance to divulge classified details but expressed anticipation of an imminent, rather than delayed, assault.

Mid-east attacked Israel

Prior to Biden’s comments, White House spokesperson John Kirby described concerns about attacks on Israel as a “real and credible threat.” However, he refrained from specifying a timeline. He said the United States does not expect Irran or its proxies to attack its military. He stated that the country is still monitoring its position in the region. He remarked, “Neglecting our strategic stance in the region would be imprudent, risking our state of readiness.”

Country’s warnings to citizens

Apart from India, France, Poland, and Russia have also warned their citizens against traveling to this region. The German Foreign Office said in an advisory that there is a risk of sudden escalation. It stated, “There is a tangible risk of German citizens being arbitrarily detained, interrogated, and subjected to lengthy imprisonment. Dual nationals with Iranian and German citizenship are particularly at risk.”

India’s advice regarding travel to Iran and Israel

The Indian Foreign Ministry advised “all Indians not to travel to Iran or Israel until further notice.” It stated, “Those currently residing in middle-east country or Israel are requested to contact Indian missions there and register themselves. They are also urged to exercise extreme caution regarding their safety and minimize their activities.”
Around 4,000 Indians reside in Iran, while 18,500 Indian expatriates live in Israel. New Delhi is getting ready for a number of emergencies, one of which might be the removal of Indians from both nations.

Familiar with the latest developments, some individuals said that now no Indian will be allowed to travel to Israel for construction work. The first batch of 64 Indian laborers departed for Israel earlier this month, and more than 6,000 construction workers were scheduled to leave for Israel from India in April and May.

Hezbollah, a Lebanese organization supported by Iran, fired multiple missiles at northern Israel on Friday. Israel’s defensive systems intercepted the rocket. According to Israel, 40 rockets were fired from Lebanon.

Daniel Hagari’s statement

Israel’s senior military officer, Daniel Hagari, said on Friday that the country is capable of personally dealing with every threat. He stated, “Our defensive measures are primed, equipped to address each threat on a case-by-case basis.” For the protection of Israeli civilians, we are also ready for attacks of all kinds.” He said that Iran was making things worse in the Middle East.

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Israel’s Statement

Hagari said that Israel is prepared to deal with Iranian threats. He said, “We have been taking action against them (all) from the beginning of the war.” He said, “Iran is escalating tensions, emphasizing regional tensions. We will know how to deal with Iranian threats. We are well-prepared and know how to respond to anything.”
On Friday, German airline Lufthansa announced that it will not use Iranian airspace amid tensions. “In light of prevailing circumstances, Lufthansa has temporarily halted its Tehran flights until Thursday, April 18th.”The airline is also not using Iranian airspace.” The airspace, “it said.”

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