“Chelsea’s 3-2 Triumph Over Newcastle Fueled by Cole Palmer’s Goal and Assist in Premier League Showdown”


During an enthusiastic performance at Stamford Bridge, Callum Pulisic scored during Chelsea’s 3-2 victory over Newcastle, contributing to the scoreboard and bringing joy to the team.

Chelsea’s early Lead

Chelsea’s number 20 assisted early on, as his shot was flicked by Nicholas Jackson, giving the Blues an early lead. Despite Newcastle’s equalization, Pulisic restored Chelsea’s lead with a spectacular finish from the left foot on the edge of the box after the interval, adding to Mikhailo Mudrick’s earlier three-pointer.

Young man on victory

The 21-year-old described how Chelsea’s bravery and passion against the Magpies helped them win.
Pulisic began, “We had the courage to play, something necessary for a young team like ours. We’re going to make mistakes, so it’s about learning from each one.”

“We need to win because we’ve had some difficult results lately—we played Wolves and Liverpool in the cup final, for example. I think we showed a bit of spirit and bravery. It’s about winning those second balls and not backing down.”

“As soon as the opposition found the net, we understood the urgency to fortify our defense, ensuring we clinched the vital three points and steered ourselves towards victory.” It’s about making progress through each game and performing well.”

“When Chelsea triumphs on the football pitch, it’s more than just a victory for the team; it’s a jubilant moment for Chelsea’s devoted fans, whose joy fuels tram’s drive and determination.”
The Team’s aim remains to progress with every match, pushing the boundaries to discover the heights we can reach.”

Pochettino’s verdict

Mauricio Pochettino has praised each of Chelsea’s three goalscorers in its win against Newcastle United, yet he still wants to see more from them in the upcoming matches.
Pochettino was pleased with the international impact of the game – tonight and throughout the season – but the Chelsea head coach believes that the young forward can take another step forward.
“He’s doing fairly well. Despite arriving on the final day of the transfer window, he had little trouble adjusting to the team’s and the coaching staff’s expectations. Pochettino expressed, “In my opinion, he’s demonstrating his skills and illustrating how well he integrates into the match.”

“He’s fantastic, he’s becoming more mature every day. He still needs improvement, but he’s doing very well.”
Jackson made a superb start to Chelsea’s night when he casually flicked Palmer’s shot into the corner of the Newcastle goal in the sixth minute.
The number 15 has been in good form since returning from the African Cup of Nations in January, and Pochettino believes that time in England will benefit his team to accommodate this forward.

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Coach on Jackson

“Of course, he (Jackson) is improving. We need to understand players when they are young and come from outside England. They need time to learn the Premier League.”
The effort is there, you see how he applies pressure, and he has quality. With more games and more experience, he will become more calm and more consistent in front of goal.”
“He possesses the potential to evolve into a dynamic player capable of netting numerous goals for Chelsea; it’s crucial that we maintain our faith in him.”

The exceptional moment of the competition came courtesy of Mudrick, who scored our crucial third goal through Newcastle’s defense in the 76th minute.
When asked if this could be an inspirational start for him in the initial line-up, Pochettino replied: “I think it was a very good goal. We expect this from players who come from the bench – to make an impact.”
“Now, he has to compete in that situation with different players he can play with. “It ultimately falls upon him to determine whether he can secure a starting position, rather than a decision for me to make.”

Although our three points were fully deserved, Pochettino knows that there is still room for improvement for his team. While the Blues have seen a surge in goals in recent weeks, finding clean sheets is proving difficult.
“Some aggressive players are starting to score more goals,” he said. “And that’s important. They feel confident and feel the net. But we still need improvement.”
“We’ve allowed two goals that were avoidable and shouldn’t have been conceded in such manner.” We were very disappointed because we made two mistakes that should not be at this level. But it’s a moment to learn and improve.”

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Blues in FA Cup

“Chelsea’s journey in the FA Cup continues, with high hopes pinned on securing a victory this Sunday against Leicester City, aiming for a return to the iconic Wembley stadium.” Chelsea will take each league game as it comes, hoping to climb up the table, and you’ll never know where it’ll end up.”


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