“Real Madrid vs. Celta Vigo: Vinicius Jr Strikes as Ancelotti’s Men Extend La Liga Lead by 7 Points”

Real Madrid

Vini Junior, Arda Guler’s goals, along with Gueita and Carlos Dominguez’s suicidal goals, secured a fantastic victory for Real Madrid. At the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Real Madrid clinched a win against Celta in a match where they dominated from start to finish.

With only 10 matches left in La Liga, the league leaders maintained their seven-point lead over second-placed Girona. The first two goals came from set-pieces, with Modric and Rudiger both playing their roles. However, it was Vini Junior and Gueita’s goal that caused damage. Towards the end of the game, Carlos Dominguez added another suicidal goal to secure a 4-0 scoreline along with Arda Guler.

Strong start for Real Madrid

A strong start from Real Madrid indicates why they’re at the top of La Liga. Just three minutes in, they were already causing problems for the spectators, with a shot from the edge of the box by Guaita. Four minutes later, Modric curled a corner and the Frenchman’s header was once again denied by the Celta keeper.

Anselotti’s team posed a threat to their opponents and found success with another set-piece. In the 21st minute, Modric delivered a corner, and Gueita successfully saved Rudiger’s header, only to be unable to stop Vini Junior’s shot on his second attempt. Madrid witnessed seven goal-scoring feats, three of which were scored in their previous three matches (4 goals).


The most dangerous opportunity for the spectators came at the end of the first half. A free-kick from Aspas was headed wide of the far post by Luca De la Torre. After the break, nothing changed, and Real Madrid continued to create more opportunities. Vini Junior made contact with Brahimi inside the box, and after Brahim’s attempt in the 59th minute, the ball landed in Guaita’s hands. Shortly after, Valverde’s long-distance effort missed inches away from the goal.

Another clean sheet at the Bernabeu in La Liga

The dominance of Ancelotti’s team persisted, but it was evident from the scoreline that the game was not yet decided. However, in the 79th minute, the resolution came with the second goal from another set-piece. Modric took another corner, and Rudiger headed the ball onto the crossbar and then across the line, overpowering Guaita’s body with forceful header. The suicidal goal also made it 3-0.

Güler’s First goal for Madrid (watch video)

In the 88th minute, Vini Junior sent in a cross, the goalkeeper failed to clear the ball, and Carlos Dominguez inadvertently put it into his own net in his attempt to clear. With the help of Seballos, Arda Güler completed the scoring in stoppage time, beating Guaita one-on-one and scoring his first goal as a Madrid player. Another goalless win at the Bernabeu in La Liga and a consecutive third win.

Ancelotti: “We’ve shown improvement in attitude, intensity, pressure, and ball circulation.

After Real Madrid’s victory against Celta, Carlo Ancelotti faced the media in the Santiago Bernabeu press room. “We have improved in attitude, intensity, pressure, and ball circulation,” the coach declared. It wasn’t very difficult to perform better than Wednesday. We moved forward by utilizing set-pieces, and subsequently we delivered. Because this is an important moment for the season, we are motivated, joyful, and laser-focused. Real Madrid is presenting the proposal of drawing crisis.”

“When the second goal doesn’t come, you get a little worried, but when it does, the floodgates open, and we played at our best level. Now the points are very important, and they are three very important points because they will be next since we are ten games away from the end. Now we cannot go down.”

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Performance of Vini Junior

“I have told him that he is the best. For me, he is the best. He made an effort and scored the first goal. I have also told Rudiger and Nacho that they are the best. I have to instill confidence in them.” Vini Junior’s yellow card, “I thought his shirt wasn’t torn. It was a bit of a drama.

The referee’s decision was correct, and both were given cards. What happened with Vini Junior left me a little disappointed, and it’s normal. What I talk to him about stays between us. It’s not just Vini Junior’s issue. In recent days, he has received a lot of cards, and it has cost the team. We need to improve on that aspect.”


“He is a very serious professional who has good moments of humor and seriousness. When he needs to be serious, he is, and when he needs to be humorous, he is also. He brings great defensive quality, full concentration, and full pessimism. He is a great player.”

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