“Watch| Total Solar Eclipse 2024 Livestream: Watch the Surya Grahan Live – Know When and Where to Tune In!”

Solar Eclipse 2024

Full Solar Eclipse 2024 Livestream: The total solar eclipse is set to occur on April 8th. If you’re in India, find out when and where to watch the solar eclipse live here.

How it looks (watch)

Full Solar Eclipse 2024: An extraordinary event is about to happen on April 8th, which will change the way we perceive the Sun and the Moon from Earth. During this solar eclipse, Earth’s small satellite will completely overshadow the vast, shining Sun, leaving only a fierce outline visible.

It’s truly a mind-boggling natural phenomenon that occurs only occasionally. Yes, the full solar eclipse is happening tomorrow, and sky watchers need to know what to expect. The most notable thing about this solar eclipse is that it will be total, indicating that the Moon will completely cover the Sun.

Full Solar Eclipse 2024 – What to Expect?

What will actually happen during this event is that the Moon will align directly in front of the Sun from Earth’s perspective, causing a very large shadow to completely block it. This will result in a decrease in temperature and turn day into a nearly night-like experience. It’s a mesmerizing and captivating possibility.

Solar Eclipse 2024 in India

The total solar eclipse will be visible from Mexico, the United States to Canada. Those residing in India will have to utilize the livestream of the solar eclipse, which will be provided by NASA on a global scale.

What time will the full solar eclipse 2024 occur?

Viewers can witness the live spectacle of the solar eclipse for almost 12 hours – it will begin at 9:12 PM on April 8th and conclude at 2:22 AM on April 9th. Keeping the rarity of the event in mind, a large number of people will travel to those geographical areas with the best views, while others will have to manage with the live stream of the event. Remember, totality will last for about 4 minutes.

What not to do while directly viewing the full solar eclipse

The most important thing to note is the significant danger to your eyes from directly observing the solar eclipse. People have gone blind due to observing the eclipse directly with their eyes. The problem is that a person’s eyes can be damaged without feeling any pain because there are no pain receptors in the sensitive art of the eyes.
For this purpose, it’s best to purchase strong eclipse glasses. Remember, regular sunglasses won’t work and can make matters worse.

How to watch the live stream of the solar eclipse

You can comfortably watch the full solar eclipse online from your home. While it’s not the ideal way, if you can’t travel to the areas where it’s happening, there’s no other option.
NASA, the American space agency, has stated that they will livestream the full solar eclipse. Watch the full solar eclipse here.

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