“Ex-Ballon d’Or Winner Criticizes Lionel Messi’s FIFA Best Men’s Player Win, says, He has been in Paris & Miami and not won any major titles”

Lionel Messi

Lothar Matthäus has taken aim at Lionel Messi, claiming that Argentine is not deserving of the best FIFA awards in 2023. Speaking on Sky Deutschland, Lothar Matthäus asserted that Messi was not worthy of the accolades.

Although he agreed that Lionel Messi was the greatest football player of the last 20 years, he was not pleased with Messi’s 2023 campaign. Lothar Matthäus emphasized, “This time, But this year he did not perform well enough.”

He can’t be the winner this time. I believe he was the best footballer of the last 20 years, but now he is living in Paris and Miami, where he is now creating a hype, and not won any major titles.

According to Matthäus, Erling Haaland had a better year, stating, “When you look at great achievements, there is no one ahead of Manchester City, and when choosing the best player – Erling Haaland. He won the most important title with Manchester City; his goal-scoring rate was impressive. It should be decisive when selecting the best and most important player – and that was Haaland.”

Lionel Messi was absent in London this week to receive his award, as he had begun training with Inter Miami for the new season. Haaland, who scored 48 points in the FIFA Best awards (equal to Messi), secured the second position due to more votes from national team captains for Argentine.

Matthäus also questioned Lionel Messi’s Ballon d’Or win:

Matthäus brought forth queries regarding Lionel Messi’s Ballon d’Or triumph in the previous year, putting forward the notion that Erling Haaland was the more deserving recipient of the accolade. He said, ‘Haaland performed better than Messi throughout the year. This award shows that the World Cup is more important than everything else and is not warranted.

In my perspective, Haaland outshone everyone; he stood as the paramount performer over the past twelve months. He set a goal scoring record with Manchester City and won a significant championship. It was a spectacle, even though I have always been a fan of Messi.'”

Haaland secured the second position in the 2023 Ballon d’Or rankings, as Lionel Messi won the record eighth silverware in that event.

Several footballers, including Iker Casillas and Toni Kroos, raised questions about Lionel Messi’s FIFA Best award and Ballon d’Or win.

Lionel Messi

Was Messi deserving of the 2023 FIFA Best Player Award?

Lionel Messi, a name that resonates in the history of football, added another feather to his already adorned trophy cabinet in 2023 by clinching the FIFA Best Men’s Player crown. While there is no denying Lionel Messi’s talent, his recent accomplishments have caused a great deal of discussion, disagreement, and bewilderment among many.

So, did Lionel Messi truly deserve to win, or has the popularity of a well-known name become more alluring than the status of the title?

Arguments for Messi’s win

World Cup Legacy

This award considered Messi’s performance from December 2022 to August 2023, encompassing his highest achievement: leading Argentina to World Cup glory. His skills, overall influence, and capable leadership were major factors in their historic win against France.

Consistent Brilliance

Despite a relatively subdued tenure in Paris Saint-Germain, Messi contributed significantly, helping secure the Ligue 1 title. also he won a trophy in MLS very soon.

Unmatched Playmaking and Vision

Despite concerns about his reduced pace, Messi’s passing, dribbling, and playmaking abilities remain unparalleled. On the field, his inventiveness and attack-planning prowess remain a constant threat.

Counterarguments and Criticisms

Diminished Impact at Club Level

Messi’s individual performance at PSG, according to critics detractors, fell short of their expectations. A decline in goal and assist numbers, coupled with a less impactful role in the team game, raised questions compared to the previous season.

Questionable Weight of the Leagues Cup

Some downplay the significance of the Leagues Cup, considering it less competitive compared to established leagues like the Premier League or La Liga. They contend that other, more notable achievements should take precedence over Lionel Messi’s triumph with Inter Miami.

Haaland’s Outstanding Season

Erling Haaland emerged as a strong contender, showcasing exceptional goal-scoring prowess and an impactful presence for Manchester City. most people considered his Premier League Golden Boot and Champions League victory to be his most significant accomplishments.

Honestly speaking, finding a clear-cut solution to this matter is quite elusive. Evaluating individual brilliance in team-oriented sports is inherently subjective. Messi’s World Cup exploits are legendary, but opinions on his club play were divided. Haaland makes a compelling point as well with his amazing campaign. The final decision about who is “deserving” of the prize ultimately comes down to the priorities and criteria that are selected.

The Messi Factor

In this equation, the “Messi Factor” cannot be disregarded. Unquestionably, his legendary reputation, unmatched influence, and prior successes influenced the voting process. While many consider this to be unfair, others see it as a recognition of his overall impact on the football.

In summary

The controversies surrounding Messi’s 2023 FIFA Best Player Award triumph highlight how challenging it is to assess individual achievement in a team sport like football. Though opinions on the result may vary, it is undeniable that Messi and Haaland both had outstanding seasons and should be recognized individually.


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