“Transforming India: A Deep Dive into PM Modi’s Game-Changing 17th Lok Sabha”


The 17th Lok Sabha was praised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for enacting “game-changing reforms” and creating the framework for India in the twenty-first century. In his final parliamentary speech before the general elections on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the House that the 17th Lok Sabha had initiated several “game-changing reforms” which laid a strong foundation for India in the 21st century.

PM Modi on terrorism

The PM announced that the dream of a terrorism-free India would be fulfilled, advocated for minimal government intervention in people’s daily lives, and expressed hope for 100% productivity in the 18th Lok Sabha. Speaking on the last day of the budget session, Modi said that the people of India would continue to bless the current Lok Sabha for its efforts.

“For the past half-decade, our focus has been on reform, delivery, and evolution. This Lok Sabha has ushered in a wave of transformative changes, laying down the robust foundation stones for India’s journey into the twenty-first century. Our nation has surged forward at an impressive pace,” Modi highlighted, outlining various achievements accomplished under the tenure of the 17th Lok Sabha.” The Prime Minister announced that the things awaited by the generations have been fulfilled in this Lok Sabha.

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PM Modi on Glory of the Constitution

“We can say with great satisfaction that many things awaited by the generations have been fulfilled in the 17th Lok Sabha,” he said. After the abrogation of Article 370, “the full glory of the Constitution was manifested,” and the framers of the Constitution blessed the law-makers.

The prime minister pledged to carry out the goal of eliminating terrorism from India and discussing how to achieve social justice for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Regarding the crisis of terrorism, the Prime Minister said that many important people have lost their lives in Jammu and Kashmir, and the land has been stained with blood. “The strict laws made by the House have strengthened the war against terrorism. He said, “We will achieve the goal of an India free of terrorism.

PM on previous Government

People fighting terrorism now have more faith in their cause. Speaking about past laws, Modi argued for less government involvement in the day-to-day lives of citizens. Speaking about removing thousands of compliance burdens – including penalizing company executives if office toilets do not receive a fresh coat of paint every six months – Modi said, “”The 17th Lok Sabha has been instrumental in steering significant economic transformations.”

Thousands of compliance burdens were there. “We’ve liberated individuals from these cumbersome obligations.””
“The faster the government moves away from people’s lives, the better it will be for democracy. Why should the government meddle in people’s private affairs?

The government will always be available for the needy. Our goal is to create a democracy where the government has minimal presence in people’s daily lives,” said Modi, mentioning that the Jan Vishwas Bill has made 180 laws crime-free to empower people.
Modi discussed the 75th anniversary of the Constitution, the appointment of the Chief Advocate, historic laws like triple talaq and women’s reservation, and the fact that the Parliament canteen is now a shared resource for everyone in addition to emphasizing the changes made to the new Parliament building.

PM on Mahatma Gandhi

Speaking about the significance of the golden era or the next 25 years for the country, Modi spoke about Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt Satyagraha and Swadeshi movement in 1930 and said, “”While these occurrences might have seemed inconsequential initially, they set the groundwork for monumental changes. In the subsequent 25 years, India achieved independence in 1947.”

He said, “A similar sentiment has developed in India, and everyone has resolved to make India a developed nation by 2047.”
Praising Speaker Om Birla for far-reaching changes in Parliament, Modi said, “You have connected millions of students with India’s democratic heritage, parliamentary library, and its treasure trove of knowledge. You brought new technology and made Parliament paperless.”

The PM announced that there was 97% productivity in the 17th Lok Sabha, but he declared, “We will strive for more than 100% productivity in the next Lok Sabha.”
On the last day of the 17th Lok Sabha, Modi said, “The journey of India’s democracy is eternal, and the nation’s goal is to serve the entire humanity.” Addressing the imminent Lok Sabha polls, he remarked, “Elections constitute an inherent and vital aspect of democracy.” I believe that the elections will be in line with the dignity of our democracy.”

The Prime Minister said that the proposal passed in Parliament about the Ram Temple “will give constitutional powers to future generations to be proud of their heritage.” He said that inclusivity, development for all, along with “sensitivity,” “resolution,” and “compassion” are included in the resolution.

“The Parliament will never stop motivating its members by establishing a legacy for future generations and cooperating with each other to achieve their goals and aspirations. “Modi commented, “The approved proposal concerning the Ram Temple by the House will grant future generations the constitutional privilege to take pride in the nation’s principles.”


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