“A Letter by PM Modi: ” Dear Family”!! Calls for Suggestions: Building a Developed India Together”

PM Modi

PM Modi, with a goal to secure over 400 seats in the upcoming elections, has sought suggestions for his “Developed India” agenda. He gives the people’s support for the government’s accomplishments credit.

PM Modi’s Letter

In a letter issued on the eve of the announcement of general elections, the PM Modi expressed, “I need your thoughts, suggestions, and support because we are working towards fulfilling the vision of a developed India.”
Eyeing a third term in the Prime Minister’s Office, Modi aims to win over 400 seats for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its allies. Key election themes for the BJP are the government’s development program and its pledge to create a developed India by 2047.

Developed India

A viewpoint known as “Developed India” seeks to guarantee “social transformation, technological innovation, and economic reforms” in order to improve India’s standing internationally. In his letter, addressed to “Dear Members of My Beloved Family” in line with the BJP’s “Modi’s Family” narrative, the PM stated, “Our partnership stands at the threshold of completing a decade. The trust and support of 1.4 billion Indians inspire and motivate me.”

PM Modi on administrative plan

He said that the administration’s plans and initiatives were “bringing changes into people’s lives” and that this was “the biggest achievement of our government in the last 10 years. “His guarantee of the accomplishment was commended in the letter, which also stated, “These transformative outcomes are the result of honest efforts by a strong government for improving the quality of life of the poor, farmers, youth, and women.”

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About GST, 370 & Triple Talaq

The PM Modi has also been credited by voters for their “trust and support” shown in her ability to make “historic and significant decisions” such as the implementation of GST, the abrogation of Article 370, introducing a new law on triple talaq, and promoting women empowerment. Strong steps have been taken against terrorism and leftist extremism as well.

“The beauty of democracy lies in participation or public participation. The letter asked for recommendations on how to move India toward its development objective. It stated, “It is your support that gives me the immense power to make bold decisions for the welfare of the nation, formulate ambitious plans, and effectively implement them.”


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