“Unveiling India’s Digital Surge: PM Modi and Bill Gates Champion AI to UPI Evolution”

Bill Gates

During the conversation with Prime Minister Modi, Bill Gates applauded Indians for their ability to embrace technology rapidly alongside leadership. A wide range of subjects were covered in the Friday conversation at the PM’s house, including digital public infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and climate change mitigation strategies.

Gates commended Indians for their capacity for leadership and their swift adoption of technology. To further promote the use of technology, PM Modi also urged Microsoft’s CEO to snap a selfie with the NaMo app’s photo booth feature.

PM Modi and Bill Gates discussed the 2023 G20 Summit

Reflecting on the discussions regarding the 2023 G20 Summit, PM Modi remarked, “Before the G20 Summit, we engaged in extensive discussions, and as you may have seen, the Summit’s proceedings took various turns. I think that we have finally brought the G20’s aims and aspirations into the public conversation. I hope your firsthand experience resonates with this sentiment.”

Bill Gates enthusiastically remarked, “With India hosting the G20, we witness a remarkable inclusivity that propels digital innovations forward. The flourishing landscape of digital advancements and the potential for robust South-South cooperation extend far beyond mere dialogues with the North. The results achieved in India serve as a beacon of inspiration, and we are committed to extending this success to numerous other nations.”

On India’s digital revolution, PM Modi-Bill Gates remarked

Delving into India’s digital transformation, PM Modi emphasized, “At the G20 Summit in Indonesia, global representatives were intrigued by India’s digital revolution. I elucidated how the democratization of technology curbs monopolies, ensuring it remains a tool of empowerment for the masses, by the masses.”

Discussion in deepfake (watch video)

PM Modi briefed Bill Gates on the ‘NaMo Drone Didi’ scheme

Bill Gates was informed by Prime Minister Modi on the ‘NaMo Drone Didi’ initiative, emphasizing its role in advancing technology in the nation, particularly among women.
His commitment echoed, “Upon learning of the global digital disparity, I pledged that it would not take root in our nation.” A digital public infrastructure is essential… Women are more…prepared to adopt new technology in India…I initiated the ‘NaMo Drone Didi’ scheme…it’s progressing successfully. I speak with them these days; they are happy. They say they couldn’t ride a cycle before, but now they can pilot drones. The mindset has changed.”

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‘AI is crucial,’ says PM Modi

PM Modi also informed Bill Gates about how they utilized AI during the 2023 G20 Summit. He shared how during the Kashi Tamil Sangamam program, AI was used to translate his Hindi speech into Tamil.
He expressed, “In historical context, our lag during the initial and subsequent industrial revolutions stemmed from our colonial past.” Now, amid the fourth industrial revolution, digital elements are at its core.

I believe India will benefit. There’s much to it. AI is crucial. Sometimes I jokingly say that in our country, we call our mother ‘AI’ (mother inHindi). These days, I say, they also refer to a newborn as “AI” because technology has advanced so much.”

The discussion between PM Modi and Bill Gates essentially emphasized India’s advancements in digital innovation, its leadership in technology adoption, and the significance of AI for the country’s future.

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