“Breaking News: Maldives President Mohamed Muizzu Under Impeachment Threat – Parliament Set to Debate”

Maldives President

Maldives President impeachment: According to media reports on Monday, the main opposition party in the Maldives, the MDP (Maldivian Democratic Party), is planning to present a proposal to impeach Maldives President Mohammed Muijzzu, who is known to be pro-China.

Progressive Party of Maldives retaliates

The Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and the People’s National Congress (PNC), part of the government coalition, stated that they will not allow any attempts to remove Maldives President Mohammed Muijzzu through parliamentary means. According to Monday’s media reports, the main opposition party in the Maldives, the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), which holds a majority in parliament, is planning to propose an impeachment motion against Maldives President Mohammed Muijzzu.

Ahmed Saleem statement

As per The Edition.mv report, during a press conference on Monday, Ahmed Saleem (Redwave Saleem), the leader of the PPM parliamentary group (PG), stated that the coalition will block any efforts by the MDP to remove Maldives President President Muijzzu from office.

Ahmed Saleem said, “We will not allow them to proceed with this. Before even thinking about removing the president, they will have to go through all of us.”

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The coalition claimed that such an incident would not be allowed to happen, despite the majority held by the MDP in parliament and the separate party, Democrats, which broke away from them.

Amid disagreements over the approval of four members of the Cabinet supporting the pro-China president, tensions escalated in the parliament on Sunday, a day after the clashes between pro-government and opposition MPs.

The MDP and Democrats, after deciding to block parliamentary approval for the four members of the Muijzzu Cabinet before voting, initiated opposition in the parliamentary meeting.

“MDP has gathered enough signatures for a joint impeachment proposal with Democrats. However, they have not yet submitted it,” said a source from MDP, as reported by Sun.com.

According to The Edition.mv report, on Monday, the MDP parliamentary group decided unanimously to present the impeachment proposal in the parliament.

Muijzzu, 45, defeated the current Indian candidate Ibrahim Mohammed Solih in the presidential election held in September last year.

MP Ahmed Thariq statement

MP Ahmed Thariq stated that the results of the previous presidential election clearly showed that the events in the country did not align with the aspirations of the MDP.

Thariq deemed the attempts by the MDP to remove Maldives President Muijzzu futile, pointing out that during the recent voting, some members of the party had voted against the party whip line in favor of Cabinet approval.

He said, “This proves that MDP does not have the numbers they desire.”

Impeachment process

To remove a sitting president, a minimum of 53 votes is required within the parliament. Thariq claimed that even by combining the members of the MDP and Democrats, they might not reach the required number. He was confident that some members of both parties would decline to back such a vote.

Maldives President request to India

After taking the oath as the president of the Maldives on November 17, Muijzzu (Maldives President)officially requested the withdrawal of 88 military personnel from India until March 15, citing a “strong public mandate” received from the people of Maldives, as reported by him.

Soon after this incident some politicians from Maldives mocked prime minister Narendra Modi, which caused heavy backlash by Indians and this incident was condemned by Maldives government also.

soon after Maldives’ government suspended those politicians with immediate effect.

After this incident social media showed it’s power and people were urged not to choose Maldives as tourist destination instead explore our Lakshadweep. Social media influencers, actors and many politicians promoted beauty of Maldives on social media as a result number of a flood of tourists booking was seen in Lakshadweep and at the same time Maldives saw a huge drop in it’s tourist influx.


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