“Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s Emergency Brain Surgery in Delhi : Insights from Hospital Amidst Severe Headaches”


For the past four weeks, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev had been suffering from severe headaches. Despite the pain, he organized a grand Mahashivratri event on March 8th.

Sadhguru underwent emergency brain surgery

A senior doctor stated on Wednesday that after a “life-threatening” hemorrhage in Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev’s head, he underwent emergency brain surgery at the Apollo Hospital in Indraprastha, New Delhi, and now he is recovering well. The hospital mentioned that Sadguru had been suffering from severe headaches for the past four weeks. Despite the severity of the pain, he continued with his regular daily schedule and social activities, even organizing a Mahashivratri event on March 8th.

Update from Sadhguru(watch video)

On Wednesday, Sadguru also posted a video from his hospital bed on his Instagram account. “Neurosurgeons at Apollo Hospital attempted to explore my head but found nothing – completely empty. So they conceded and fixed it,” Sadhguru said in a lighthearted manner, “I’m here in Delhi, with a bandage on my head, but no damaged brain.”

PM Modi’s concern

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that he spoke with the spiritual leader and wished him a speedy recovery.

Modi posted on Twitter, “Had a conversation with Sadguru Jaggi Ji and wished him good health and a speedy recovery.”

Responding to Modi’s message, Sadguru said he is “touched” by the Prime Minister’s concern.

He wrote, “Dear Prime Minister Ji, I shouldn’t be worried. You have a nation to run. I am touched by your concern, I am on the path to recovery. Thank you.”

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What did the hospital say about Sadhguru?

On March 15th, Sadhguru’s headache became extremely severe, and around 3:45 pm, he consulted with senior consultant neurologist Dr. Vineet Suri at Apollo Hospital, Indraprastha, Delhi. Dr. Vineet Suri immediately suspected a subdural hematoma and advised an MRI immediately. Sadguru underwent a brain MRI at Apollo Hospital that evening, revealing a significant intracranial hemorrhage.

Along with chronic bleeding over a period of 3-4 weeks, there was evidence of fresh bleeding within 24-48 hours. Sadguru was advised immediate hospitalization, but on the evening of March 15th, he had important meetings, and March 16th was scheduled for the India Today Conclave.

According to Dr. Suri, despite serious and painful symptoms, Sadguru completed the above meetings with the help of painkillers.

Risk of Life

On March 17th, Sadguru’s neurological condition deteriorated rapidly, and an immediate CT scan revealed significant swelling in the brain and a shift in brain tissue, posing a risk to life.

Sadguru’s management was handled by a team of doctors including Dr. Vineet Suri, Dr. Pranav Kumar, Dr. Sudhir Tyagi, and Dr. S. Chattopadhyay, who performed emergency brain surgery to stop the bleeding in the brain within a few hours of admission. Sadguru was taken off the ventilator after surgery.

Sadguru’s physique, mind, and vital signs have all improved steadily over the years.

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